Wanikani feels dead

The lack of forum on the home page, seeing the updates and what people are up to, the lack of review percentage, the unorganised community page… I don’t know. Maybe it is just me? Wanikani feels like a graveyard. I used to feel connected to it and people on here, but now I barely even bother looking through the forums and don’t feel motivated to do reviews. Is it just me? I hope some updates are on the way.

Happy New Year everyone


I haven’t really noticed that myself. The forums seem quite active. For example, there are multiple book clubs going on with active discussions. I did see an understandable lull right around Christmas and New Years, but that’s to be expected.


they definitely feel less active than this time last year imo


Content is still frequently updated. You’re level 60, maybe you’ve just outgrown what the site has to offer?


The lack of forum posts on the dashboard is the big one for me. I used to always scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard to see what was going on on the formus, but now that has been removed and I find myself not going out of my way to look at the forum.


I have realized that as well, now on main forum page just shows polls that I dont care about

but all those threads about hints, ideas how to study from early and intermediate wk lvl users I haven’t seen there quite often anymore and I am not even replying anymore because of that.

As soon as I finish vocab from lvl 60 time to move on to another srs


I got hooked to the forum before it disappeared from the dashboard and don’t use Wanikani’s home page so I don’t have the same feeling exactly, but the forum being in the dashboard is the only reason I got here and think it’s a big shame it’s been removed :frowning:


There’s plenty of other growing communities. WK ain’t the first and it won’t be the last. I’m barely on anymore just because I’m busy watching and reading Japanese stuff and find less and less to write about. Learn Natively is slowly but surely becoming and new favorite for me personally.


I have noticed the same. It feels like a bit of a different place than when I started a few years ago. I think part of the reason is that many of the topics about strategy have been posted and reposted again and again, and the general attitude I’ve noticed is that many users will redirect beginners to old threads. That’s certainly more efficient, but it also makes the forum seem less welcoming to new users, so the same people tend to post again and again. I’d imagine it’s similar to posting on Stack Exchange and having your topic closed as a duplicate; as a beginner, that just sends the message that “you’re not trying hard enough.” What users often want is a discussion, some encouragement, and possibly commiseration from peers. I don’t think it’s a surprise, then, that the most popular threads are polls and general discussion threads, where the barrier for entry is far lower.

I first approached the forum with the idea of posting about the things I’m learning, as it seems like an effective motivator to share that sort of thing publicly. While I’ve had some good discussions and learned a lot, I’ve also noticed that people are generally quite dismissive. I will give a concrete example: I spent a while studying numbers today, and while doing so, I made a few posts about it to organize my thoughts. I think it helped a couple people with their understanding, but my primary goal was to learn it myself; before today, I’d never even heard about numbers like 億. The responses to my posts were “y’all are going crazy” and “holy moly, you don’t have to explain the math.” I don’t think I’ll try to log my studies here again.

I think I will use WaniKani for kanji study alone and move away from interacting with the forums.


Yeah, I saw that response in that thread and thought it was rather obnoxious myself, especially given the OP asked and you clearly took quite a bit of time to format and make those well done posts. I’ve found that there are always people who could learn some manners better in every community though, so it isn’t at all unique to the WK forums. I find it best to ignore such people.

From reading through the posts on this thread, it seems like the site design was different in the past and most of the people who are noticing it have all been around a while.

Since I’m relatively new, the current design is the only one I’ve experienced, which is probably why I’ve not really noticed any issues. On the contrary, from the perspective of a newer user, I’ve found the forums here quite nice. Especially the book clubs and people’s general helpfulness to answer questions.


Aww, I enjoyed those posts (though yeah, they were perhaps a shade more in-depth than the OP was looking for).

Came across to me as more surprised than obnoxious.


That’s fair. It’s hard to tell with text sometimes since it lacks the intonation.

I think if it had only been the quoted text, it might have come across better. What gave me the vibe it was a bit obnoxious was the rest of the statement which was “Holy moly, you don’t have to explain the math, I know the math.” That comes across as, “Jeez, I know the math. You don’t have to explain it to me (like I’m dumb)”.

In any case, you’re probably right that it wasn’t intended that way despite it coming across that way to at least myself and northpilot given they brought it up.


I just saw your comments over there, haven’t got around to reading them in depth yet, but just wanted to come back here and say that I appreciate them immensely! Please don’t stop posting in-depth research and insights, FWIW I’ll want to read them! :pray::pray::pray:


Pretty sure that post is a rare exception. I have never seen this much LaTeX before.

But then, explaining in a very simple way is difficult. My thought is relearning what to compare, just as on the extremes, it is easy to understand why astronomical large numbers (and very very small numbers) don’t make much meaning.


I have the opposite view. The forum is useful, but WK is less and less usable. Haven’t used it in months… but not much has changed apparently.


It’s true that I didn’t exactly answer the question in the original post, though my posts were still related. I suppose I should have read the responses more positively.

I guess this depends on where you are in your studies and what your goals are. I’m still in the very early levels and I have a lot to learn before I can make use of other Japanese resources.

I would guess people come and go as life gets in the way of things. Some will leave after learning what they wished to, some will realise they don’t enjoy Japanese as much as they thought, and some will return later to try again. Sometimes the rate of people going is higher than that coming in. I think an expectation of an endless stream of new users and new user-generated content is unlikely to yield massive returns.

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As a mathematics student, I read your post and really enjoyed it! I agree with escargot-agile, that kind of deep dive into a specific area is super interesting. I personally love a bit of LaTeX, and it would be a shame for you to never write something like that again.


That’s fair. There is a point where the most pressing questions have been asked and answered and the most helpful advice dispensed.

I bet this is also a contributing factor. There are simply more options for discussing Japanese now, so it’s natural that forums will change in activity level and focus.


Hah, I had that feeling a bit too. Like, “you’re doing things with Latex here that I’ve never seen before in my life”.