Weird version of 続き

I came across this Kanji that doesn’t make any sense(the first one).

So on Jisho, I have this:

The only one that makes sense is the third: 続きから はじめる -> “Start from the continuation” which simply means “continue/load save” in English.

I know 糸 is written differently when it’s small but not to this extent. Does anyone have any idea about why the Kanji is like that? (I can’t even recognize the radicals on the left lol)

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Pretty sure it is 続き

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I blame pixels :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


The thing is “糸” still looks better with other words, it’s just this case which is weird xD

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I was gonna answer but now I see Leebo typing :woman_shrugging:t4:


There are only 3 kanji with 売 on the right like that.

涜 - blasphemy
続 - continue
読 - read

So you don’t need a good view to read it I guess.

Btw I like how they all seem to be phonetically related but none actually have the same reading.

Respectively, とく, ぞく, どく


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