Nice summary of a few easily confused kanji

I found that helpful, and I hope other people will as well.

I just wish there were more!



MVP. Thank you

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You… you wish there were more confusing kanji?


感 and 惑 … so beautiful website, thanks!

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Great suggestion!


I’m surprised he didn’t mentioned these two!

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Not a particularly useful pair to know, but it pushes the limits of “confusing pairs.” The first of the two is basically not used anymore since it can also be written as 木屑

杮 - (こけら) wood chips
柿 - (かき) persimmon

Wood chips is 8 strokes. Persimmon is 9.

You basically need to look at handwriting to see the difference. On the right side, 1 vertical stroke vs. 2.

image image


Those kanji are indeed highly confusing, but at least they have the good fortune of coming just by pair, and also to be very common so we can see them over and over…

But my personal hell is the swamp of Kanji with a 貝 or a 隹 in it… Dozen and dozen of similar looking kanji :scream:


Thank you!

i simply adore your note-taking style

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Thanks for sharing!

There was another discussion on a similar topic here recently that you might find useful.

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