Completely failed at translating this card, please help

I thought I would at least find the kanji but after an hour on jisho and I got nothing. Not a single kanji (Maaaybe 専 and 袙 ?). What’s more, I just don’t get the second part either. 山かきバん? What’s the random katakana doing there. What does it all mean??

How do you start figuring these cursive kanji?

You got the 元気で in the second part right?

Well yeah, the さあ、元気で I got, but that’s kind of a low hanging fruit lol.

EDIT: Wait thats not an ん its an イ… so its yama kakibai ?

At the end, I think it is バイ! " bye !" and not バん


I’m pretty sure the end is just バイ :slightly_smiling_face:

Doh yeah. How did i miss that … Though still, , whats a 山かき。 Or the other mysterious kanji

The top one is 博多祇園山笠 (はかたぎおんやまかさ), which is the name of a festival held in Fukuoka.
I’m not sure what 山かき is referring to, but it looks like something to do with the festival specifically.


Wow man thanks. looking at those kanji theres 0% chance i would have figured it out. I know most of these too lol. I can soorta see 祇園, but 多 not a chance. I was looking into 幻 and its right radical

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やまがき is a kaki fruit. Maybe it’s a local Fukuoka spelling?

Though tbh, that doesn’t make sense at all


It could also be a reversal of かきやま ( 舁き山) decorations during the aforementioned festival. Though idk why you would reverse it. Or maybe it has to do with the kid being carried

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That makes like a bajillion percent more sense.
Maybe the kid got hungry and thought about kaki fruits while saying it?

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Btw: the バイ doesn’t mean bye or anything like that; it’s a common 博多弁 sentence-ending particle used for emphasis.

The festival seems to also be called 舁山(かきやま), with 舁く having the meaning of 担ぐ, to carry.
So i would assume the „山かき“ at the end refers to the carrying of the floats. (I just saw that someone already wrote the same thing)


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