Help! Is it here where I can get help?

Hello my dear companions in this journey. I´ve been experiencing some difficulties since I´ve started with kanji today.
Way more often than not, when I get a kanji, let´s say, for seven 七, i write the right hiragana: しち
When I type enter, what does the System do? NOTHING!!!"!
It shakes right and left the beautiful product of my efforts of 5 minutes searching in my virtual keyboard for the right hiragana and neither gives me a correct oder a wrong feedback. Because of that I´ve not been able to make any progress at all.

Can someone plea help me? What am I doing wrong?

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Are you writing the reading when it asks for the reading?

There is an installed IME you don’t have to use one yourself. If it asks the reading which is “しち” then if you type shi chi it will appear as “しち”.

It may be that WK wants you to say that “七” is “seven” (so the meaning), but youre typing the reading which is correctly “しち”

Onyomi vs Kunyomi. You have to put in the one that WK is looking for, which is typically the most common reading available.


Either they’re looking for the meaning or another reading. Did you check to see what they were asking for?

I remember learning shi chi not nana at level 1

You’re right. maybe it’s a radical?

I’ve had this issue before. The cause of mine was I had multiple tabs open in my browser running scripts. But @Schnek is only level 01 so probably isn’t using scripts yet, maybe?

@Schnek, could you maybe take some screen shots or something like that, please?

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I’m like 90% sure he confused reading/meaning but yeah he probably should show us a screen just to make sure.

If they were confusing reading and meaning, the answer would be wrong. So that can’t be it.

Edit : did they implement this recently or something?! I’m so confused now.

Oooh maybe youre right. It could be the meaning/reading of a radical aswell, but he specifially meantioned kanji…

@Schnek is the background of your item blue or orange?

Oh my god guys, thanks! I was giving the reading when I was asked for the meaning! Problem solved, I thank you all from the botton of my hearth!

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I Knew it! Btw there are often multiple readings for a word (nin - jin for “person”) . Dont type all possible readings as the reading, just type one out of all of them.

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Hey, Schnek! :sparkles:

Help is here! Now, here’s what you need to know:

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  2. The WaniKani Guide (…also known as “how I learned to learn ~2,000 kanji.”)

  3. The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! which is a long and thorough list of Japanese resources that the community has worked hard to gather together and is consistently being updated.

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No problem, You hold a special place in my heart with your kindness #fullhomo




This sounds like you’re using the kana-entry method. Almost nobody uses that, even in Japan - most people just use romaji-entry.

Kana-entry’s actually pretty fast on a phone after you get used to it.

Try entering romaji: shichi