So i installed the Japanese IME yesterday and some weird things have been going on.
firstly, every kanji looks different/ is in a different font. im pretty sure its the one that is default with the IME, but i didnt realize that itd apply to kanji online too (is there a way to change this? i liked the old font better)
secondly, sometimes whenever i input the answer for the reading it bugs out and doesnt accept it (like when you type the reading when it asks for the meaning except theres no message that shows). if you retype it it seems to work itself out, but i never had this issue before.
can someone help


I don’t use an IME when typing into Wanikani, since Wanikani implements its own IME. It’s possible you’re confusing it.

As far as the kanji looking differently, it sounds like when you installed that IME you also installed some additional fonts.


It could be that your computer was previously showing the corresponding Chinese characters

That is rather odd. Personally, I wouldn’t use the Japanese ime for your reviews and instead stick with WK’s default typing methods. You can use the ime over here on the forum though!


Solution: turn off the IME. There is no need for it during WK reviews as the website lets you type kana without an IME.

As for the difference in kanji, I guess it’s again about mixing up the Chinese and Japanese character sets in the settings. Make sure it’s set to Japanese.


i can use the ime to input the kana for the reviews and sometimes it works fine, but others it doesnt allow me to hit enter to finish (mostly when theres a ん at the end of the word and i only type n instead of nn like youre supposed to)
yesterday i was having bad luck with other words that didnt end in ん but today seems ok, so idk what was going on
(but yea using the ime for reviews is pretty pointless if not a little cheaty because it gives you answers)

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