Weird Font for Kanji?

I dont know what happened, but suddenly one day after logging in one morning all the kanji and hiragana font looks different and weird. It vertically compacted and looks “smushed”. Anyone know why this happened and how to fix this, or is it just me. Some kanji are nearing the point of unreadable because of how compressed it is.

Do you have any userscripts installed, if so, does the problem go away if you disable them? Could you include a screenshot?


Which platform and browser are you using?

I had a similar issue. After I installed windows IME it came with new fonts that overrode previous fonts on WK.

Have no idea, but could we please see some images of these weird kanjis?

please please please :see_no_evil:

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Chrome, but it has the same effect on all other browsers. Its this pc, on my phone or laptop its not like this. I added Japanese under language and installed the language pack in language settings for Win 10. Probably what you said then. I installed it so I could type Japanese into a translate for help with reading. After removing and uninstalling the language pack it still has the compressed font, what did you do to fix it?

I deleted the font. I don’t remember the details now but they’re in the topic:

I have the same issue. It looks normal on my desktop, but looks different, almost more “elegant” looking on my laptop.

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