Kanjis got really thick! What happened?

As mentioned in the title, as of this evening the kanjis in my reviews and in general on the site look really thick. It is as if someone turned on “ultra bold style” for all of them!

Did I break something or is it the same for you guys?

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That’s how it always looked for me :thinking:

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Huh… so very strange.
I might totally be going senile here guys but I just did a review on my phone where the kanji and typed hiragana look like they always have. It definitely feels different on my desktop PC all of a sudden.

I find the font looks different on my mum’s laptop, too (even though I am using Chrome here too). On my phone and my own laptop I think it is the same font.

Kanji look the same to me as on the picture. Can’t really remember if they were different in the past. At least I didn’t notice any change.

Is the operating system by any chance different on those laptops?
My Pc uses the same font as shown on the pictures, while my laptop uses a thinner font.
The Pc runs Windows 7 while the laptop uses Windows 10 and I’m using Chrome on both.

Could you provide a screenshot of the thinner Kanji from your laptop? I wonder if thats the look I remember.
Maybe Im not insane after all :smiley:

I think they’re both Windows 10. I can hardly remember what Windows 7 looks like, haha.

By the way, I think the difference onl shows up in reviews, here. On the kanji pages they’re thick as always.

Also the kana input font is different on this laptop from what I was used to.

I currently have no reviews available right now. If I remember correctly the difference is more noticeable in the review section. However, you can also see the difference in font from the vocab panel. Top one is from the laptop, bottom one from my pc.

Not to much difference in thickness but in direct comparison it is noticeable. I didn’t take a screenshot of the overview panel like you did because it’s to small to notice anything.

Ah okay I thought maybe that’s the reason why. I have an old laptop which also runs windows 7 and the font there is the same as on my pc.

Yes I think the difference is bigger in the review section too, I will verify it as soon as I’m able to.
Kana input is definitely different im certain of that.

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Very tiny differences, yes!

Don’t know if you’re being sarcastic now :sweat_smile:

I just had some reviews pop up again and I have to say the difference is about the same as in my previous screenshot. Maybe the reason why I think it is so different is the difference in kana which is clearly noticeable.

I don’t know how you can change the appearance in Wanikani, all my previous attempts to do so where futile.
But it doesn’t bother me anymore, as long as its legible I have no problem with it.

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Sorry, not sarcastic, I totally agree with you!

I am not so careful to make my English sound natural on these forums these days, haha. My Dutch has also suffered from learning Japanese, I think

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Everything looks the same as it always has for me.

No need to apologize, sometimes it’s hard for me to recognize sarcasm when I just read something. I also wasn’t sure if your remark was referring to kanji or kana, so it confused me even more ^^

Most importantly, we want kanji to feel comfortable with their bodies, no matter what shape and weight…


Thicc ccanji.


I’ll come back and add that this morning my address bar in chrome is looking a bit odd font-wise:


Did you change from mac to pc or vice versa? I recently switched to doing my reviews on a PC laptop, both in Chrome, and the Japanese font was shockingly differently, more like written with a brush. Through more hassle than you’d expect, I managed to change the default font to something more readable.

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