Week 9・気になってる人が男じゃなかった (Beginner Book Club)

Welcome to Week 9 of 気になってる人が男じゃなかった

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Week 9 March 30th 2024
Start Page 139
End Page 158
Chapters Continue Chapter 3
Pages 20
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English Japanese Notes
Aya Oosawa 大沢あや Main character 1 かわいい
Mitsuki Koga 古賀みつき Main character 2 黒ずくめ
Uncle Joe ジョー Mitsuki’s uncle
Narita 成田 Male classmate
Chizuru ちづる Aya’s friend (blonde)
Mao まお Aya’s friend (black hair)

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What are you doing, Koga-san? Aya can make up with Chizuru any time, she wants to see the Recchiri with you.


If any of you stop reading here even for a day: You have a lot more patience than I do.


Nah, I just suck so much I need to wait for the vocab list to understand enough so that it actually feels like reading.


Yeah, I couldn’t read it either without support - I’m using mokuro to make look-ups easy.


I was saying something about awkwardness last week. Koga-san, you’ve done it again… :frowning:

Some checks and questions. And then I’m quickly off to read ahead. :s


The use of 声くらい was new to me. Makes sort of instinctive sense, but I hadn’t seen it before. “If she’s going to go ahead, she could have at least said something.” (more of less)

Does this refer to ちづる’s gaze, of thinking she’s seen this before (“To sense once again”)? Aya is crushing on someone and has less time for her friends? Not sure on this one…


What is the か between から and すぐ doing there? I thought the sentence would have been grammatical without it there… I know as か as using a question phrase as part of a larger phrase, but that use doesn’t seem to fit here.


Am I right in translating this as “Will you accept these (as a favor to me)?”


It’s essentialy a “maybe because”. “Maybe because they were both flashy is why they got along so quickly”


I believe that is correct


Now I think what this is trying to say, is “it was a familiar gaze”, as in, Mitsuki was bullied before, and this is a very similar one


Yep. It’s Number/Amount + は (JLPT N4) | Bunpro.

I think this is a continuation of the previous panel, which are both thoughts of Mitsuki:


Literally: “My time with her has increased, and I’m feeling repeatedly a (ちづる’s) gaze (on me/us).”

Or better translated, “As I’m spending more time with her, I’m often feeling ちづる looking over at us.”

…is what I thought, but @Gorbit99’s interpretation that it is something experienced before also makes sense here, although I don’t think it’s about Aya being bullied? I’d think it’s something that the thinker of that sentence, Mitsuki, experienced somewhere before.

edit: Fixed my thoughts on @Gorbit99’s interpretation.

p. 147

I think it’s a combination of both here - it’s a direct continuation of the previous panel, and she’s saying she’s feeling Chizuru’s gaze more as she’s spending more time with Aya, and that’s meaningful because Chizuru has been rather shitty to Aya before.

Also (spoilers for later - up to page 171) Koga having been in a situation where a friend got bullied for hanging out with her probably makes her feel very strongly about this - she’s seeing the writing on the wall for a repeat of what happened before


Low self-esteem is a hell of a drug

(spoilers up to page 162)

luckily, Aya agrees with you and isn’t afraid to scold Koga for it :rofl:


I just realize that I misread @Gorbit99’s interpretation - I corrected my thoughts above.

I don’t think Chizuru has been shitty to Aya at all before that panel? Aya is sad that her friends don’t understand her musical taste, but the friends (including Chizuru) look rather apologetic while saying that they don’t get it. It’s not even teasing, just awkward. Am I missing something here?

I think it’s either one of those two:

  • “As I’m spending more time with Aya, I’m often (repeatedly) feeling ちづる’s gaze on us.”
  • “As I’m spending more time with Aya, I’m once again feeling a gaze on us (=a gaze that I know from personal experience that has nothing to do with Aya).”
p.147 (with spoilers up to page 171)

Yeah, I read that far. I actually thought @Gorbit99 wrote “Mitsuki has been bullied before”, which made more sense in my mind :sweat_smile:


That’s, uh, actually what I wanted to write XD

Answer to Gorbit (with spoilers up to page 171)

Makes sense! But that’s future week spoilers actually, so… should probably be hidden? Or do we know that already from somewhere else?


I dunno, Aya seemed bothered by the constant comments from Chizuru whenever she talks about her music taste - even if Chizuru doesn’t necessarily mean any harm by it, that’s still pretty crappy coming from a friend.

spoilers up to p. 171

It also doesn’t seem like Mitsuki herself has been bullied as such (at least, not that we explicitly see), it’s her friend who got bullied because of her which made her isolate herself. At least, that’s how I interpret the flashback, and what gives so much significance to Chizuru’s treatment of Aya from Mitsuki’s perspective.


Grammatically i think this is closer - it’s 改めて感じる視線、right? The literal is closer to an ‘a gaze / that has the property of making me feel the way I had before’


Wouldn’t it need be causative if it was a gaze that is making her feel something? I think the literal translation would be “a once again felt gaze” / “a gaze I am feeling once again”, with 感じる視線 being 視線を感じる.

I just haven’t seen 改めて often enough to tell whether it’s more “that’s something that has been happening repeatedly lately” or “that’s something I have experienced before”.

On Chizuru

Yeah, last week’s reading had that moment where Aya mentioned her music taste, and immediately went “uh oh, here it comes - that face”, so while she may not feel like she’s being bullied, there’s definitely some… trauma, I guess, going on there. Like, mild emotional abuse. The constant low level “your taste in music is unimportant”.


I think you’re right re lack of causative, but also the use of 改めて seems deliberately ambiguous in the wording


I think it’s sort of from both ends - Aya isn’t really showing how much it’s hurting her, but neither is Chizuru paying enough attention to realise it is hurting Aya; from her perspective she’s just like ‘not my thing’