Vol 2 - 気になってる人が男じゃなかった

Welcome to the discussion thread for volume 2 of 気になってる人が男じゃなかった

We read volume one as part of the Beginner Book Club. This is a spin off group for those wishing to continue reading the next volume (published Feb 2024).

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Week Start date Chapter Page numbers Pages
1 Apr 13 Start chapter 4 7-26 20
2 Apr 20 Continue chapter 4 27-46 20
3 Apr 27 Finish chapter 4 47-62 16
4 May 4 Start chapter 5 65-84 20
5 May 11 Finish chapter 5 85-104 20
6 May 18 Start chapter 6 107-126 20
7 May 25 Finish chapter 6 + Album booklet 127-end ?

Page numbers are the ones printed on the bottom of the pages. These may differ from the numbering in digital versions.



English Japanese Notes
Aya Oosawa 大沢あや Main character 1 かわいい
Mitsuki Koga 古賀みつき Main character 2 黒ずくめ
Uncle Joe ジョー (譲) Mitsuki’s uncle
Narita 成田 Male classmate
Chizuru ちづる Aya’s friend (light hair)
Mao まお Aya’s friend (dark hair)
Kanna カンナ LA based stylist - chapter 4

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Just to note as it will come up in this volume, the kanji for 爺ちゃん’s first name is 譲 (this confused me when I was reading)

Week Start date Chapter Page numbers Pages
1 Apr 13 Start chapter 4 7-26 20

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So, my trip to Japan last year wound up being during sakura season. While going for a stroll through Yanaka Cemetery, I saw a kid gathering up petals. Thinking he was gonna shower them on his big sister, I got all ready to take a cute photo of kids playing around… and then he did pretty much exactly what Aya is doing at the bottom of page 18. Though with more cackling and less blushing.


Mitsuki just can’t help being the oblivious flirt, huh :joy:


I erm… figure this might be a good place to leave it for today :smiling_face_with_tear:


Probably gonna finish the rest of the volume tomorrow. I’ll still participate in the discussion, but with book clubs for とんがり帽子 and 葬送のフリーレン starting soon as well I think it’ll be good to have the actual reading for this book club out of the way.


Yay, I’m happy that the story picked up right where the last volume left off, and that the quality of the writing and drawings still seems high. Really excited for the rest of the volume.

Story discussion:

I loved the panel on page 21. Koga-san entering with the exact same sweater. :slight_smile:

One thing that occured to me, is that Aya seems a bit underdeveloped compared to Koga. We don’t know a lot about her, and she doesn’t have the kind of story beats that Koga has with her uncle in the store. Also, the story seems mostly driven by Koga-san and Aya being pulled along (or pulling away).

Couple of sentences that I couldn’t figure out.


Who’s line is this? I was thinking Chizuru (because of the cuffed hand in the panel with the thinking balloon). She’s realized that she was acting jealous, and that’s was caused a rift between her and Aya?



I had some trouble placing this sentence, especially with the way Aya responds to it and the words keep repeating in the background. On the one hand, it seems like she’s just just repeating what Aya said (If I hadn’t come, you would have just walked around with these? - Yes, I didn’t even see them). But she disagrees (いや), and turns it into a flirt, judging from the art work. She’s saying that she wouldn’t even have come out to walk and see the cherry blossoms, if it weren’t for meeting Aya?

Another one I couldn’t figure out. Could anyone provide a translation, please?



And the last one for this week that I wouldn’t figure out. They seems like three incomplete sentences (and a random 神様), it didn’t come together to a full sentence for me. and I wasn’t even sure who’s talking. This is Aya, right? What I got so far:
The “me” who does nothing but run away, I’m going to overlook that this is going to lead to a confrontation some time (eventually).


It does seem like Chizuru’s, especially since we’re looking at everything from her POV


The convo is as follows:
Aya: “If I didn’t come, would you have just walked around with these stuck to you?”
Koga: “If you didn’t come, I wouldn’t be here” (as in, she only came because Aya came)

And that’s why Aya is dumbstruck, it is essentially an accidental flirt

Not quite sure which, but I think this is either “They all helped pick them up”, or what makes more sense to me is “They all helped clean it off her” or something


The first part is essentially
逃げてばっかりの私を - The me, who is always running away
神様 - God
今は見逃して - here: please spare me

And then
いつか向き合うことになるまで - “Until the day I need to face her” is my guess here


Chizuru’s, like @Gorbit99 said. She’s saying the problem isn’t Mitsuki, it’s her.


That doesn’t really make sense to me, didn’t they run into each other by accident (literally, even)? I thought Mitsuki was just walking around listening to music, off in her own world, as she does.

The way I interpreted this was more along the lines of Aya saying “you’d have walked around with petals stuck to you if I hadn’t been here”, and Mitsuki saying she wouldn’t even have noticed the sakura trees were there/were blooming if it hadn’t been for Aya (also note her surprise about the sakura trees blooming on page 16 - she clearly wasn’t there for a 花見)

Still another accidental flirt of course, I love how awkwardly smooth she is :rofl:

Like @Gorbit99 said, they all helped clean the petals off Mitsuki - as in, after Aya shoved them right into her face, everyone cleaned her off.


That’s honestly not entirely uncommon in romance manga. The main character is there as a driving force for the relationship, and to serve as a romantic interest for the other party (or parties, in some stories), but otherwise is only fleshed out as it relates to the relationship being built while the romantic interest(s) is/are fleshed out entirely, with a history and motivations stretching beyond what we see developing in the story itself.

I guess in this case you could even say the story isn’t about Aya, it’s about Mitsuki and their relationship. Establishing Mitsuki’s past and motivations matter because it shapes her as a person and gives context for who she is, as a topic of interest for both the reader and Aya. Establishing Aya’s entire character backstory is in that respect less important, because she’s just there to be in love with Mitsuki and behave in a natural way, basically. She does have a defined personality of her own, but the parts of it that aren’t directly relevant to Mitsuki and the development of their relationship are not really relevant to the story. She’s sort of just there to be the reader’s “first person” perspective (though tbh phrasing it as just that is selling both the character and the author short).

Aya does end up a bit more fleshed out, she’s definitely not a typical blank slate self-insert for the reader and she does have her own character development, but it’s only really shown as it relates to her relationship with Mitsuki, because that’s what the story is about.

I might even go as far as to say Mitsuki’s the main character and we’re just seeing the story mostly from Aya’s perspective as a secondary protagonist, but I’m not sure that holds up from a writing standpoint.


Hi, I have a question regarding the vocab spreadsheet. I noticed the one that’s linked here is the volume 1 spreadsheet, does that mean we are also using it for volume 2? Im asking because I can’t find the sheet for this week :smiling_face_with_tear:


We can carry on using the same vocab spreadsheet, I’ve added a tab for chapter 4. Anyone is welcome to add to the spreadsheet, but it relies on people making the time to do it. Sometimes there is less appetite to contribute to a spreadsheet after volume one, but we shall see!


of course, got it, thank you! I always tried to add entires when I saw fit, but each week most of the more difficult vocab was already filled out, perhaps now will be my time to shine :smiley:

Week Start date Chapter Page numbers Pages
2 Apr 20 Continue chapter 4 27-46 20

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漫画家が英語上手. Though it mildly bugs me that Kanna uses fluent English on page 32, but reverts to katakana on page 38.

ロス on page 36 is ロスアンゼルス, right?



Yep, 漫画家's twitter:


They know the struggle of multilingual speakers :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I figured she did that for Joe’s benefit. She speaks English with Mitsuki but here she’s addressing Joe, in Japanese.

Yep, sounds right to me.


Spoilers until the end of the week

I really appreciate the author pulling out all the stops sometimes, visually and with text, onomatopeia and fonts, to get a message across. Like the top of page 42, with the roses and the 萌 kanji. It’s really a joy to read such a rich medium from a story-telling perspective.
Also, I’m somewhat scared of Aya when she really gets going. The drawing on the middle of page 40 had me. :slight_smile:

Finally, I’m once again pleasantly surprised by the addition of Narita-kun to the story. I enjoy reading the chapters that include him. He’s not really a pleasant character per se (to me, at least), but he’s a quick thinker and not afraid to cut through all the noise. His no-nonsense attitude is a nice contrast to the two girls. :slight_smile:

p.41, language question

I’m reasonable confident in my my understanding of this, but just checking. “I was just thinking about you and called you.” I think the way it’s phrased make it sound like a really natural turn of events?

p. 41

気づいたら is often something like “before I even noticed it” (literally, it’s something like “when I noticed …” meaning at the moment someone became aware of it, they were already doing something/it was already happening/it had already happened).

So I think what she’s saying here is nothing happened or anything, she just called without really even thinking about it, as a sort of unconscious decision.


That makes perfect sense grammatically, now that you say it. And that’s really sweet. :slight_smile: