Week 8: 夏のレプリカ - Replaceable Summer [END]

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夏のレプリカ - Replaceable Summer Home Thread

Week 8


Start Date: Sep 23
Previous Part: Week 7


Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 8 Sep 23 Chapter 18 ~85

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西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ (Week 1)

Ok so I read ahead and finished the book the other day.

Things I liked:

  • Moe solved the case (although only after Saikawa again. 3 books left, you can do it girl)
  • She explains everything very simply to Tomoe without the usual show/lecture to the police
  • I wasn’t expecting any of it (but then I rarely do)

Things i didn’t like:

  • Smoking on the train
  • Not much Saikawa/Moe development -_-
  • We don’t know what the hell could’ve made Tomoe want to freaking kill her criminal boyfriend’s ex girlfriend, and I don’t like the way this sounds
  • Moe randomly bumping into Motoki what the hell??
  • That really was horrible victim blaming a few chapters back wasn’t it :confused: (I was trying to give Mori the benefit of the doubt in case we learned something new)


  • Pretty compelling read - I think the previous two books dragged a bit more.
  • Saikawa and Moe’s relationship is kind of tedious for me, so it helped that they weren’t a huge part of the book :sweat_smile:
  • No cool science installations or anything though :frowning:
  • I’m glad the solution wasn’t too convoluted, but it seemed almost too simple. Tomoe shot someone and no one noticed any evidence at the house?
  • Not sure if she even needed an alibi… does shooting a kidnapper count as murder?
  • She has a slight history of jealousy, but without more background, the motive seems weak.
  • I don’t know why this was intertwined with the previous book at all.
  • The Motoki reveal didn’t have much impact, since Tomoe’s belief that she killed him didn’t affect anything.
  • Overall, I enjoyed reading it, but it feels like the conclusion is missing a lot.

Hey, congrats!

Yep, I thought so too.

Hahaha right? Maybe this was exactly to keep Saikawa and Moe (especially the former) out of the loop this time?

That’s indeed true. I mainly remember that it was a sad sad ending with everybody crying? And that was it? :thinking: :woman_shrugging: