Week 7: 夏のレプリカ - Replaceable Summer

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Week 7


Start Date: Sep 16
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Week 7 Sep 16 Chapter 14 + 16 ~47 + ~18

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西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ (Week 1)

So did Tomoe lie about what Motoki did to her? That’s the implication here, right? really lowing the bar here Mori

Edit: Oh I just noticed this week is ch16 as well


I don’t think she really lied, but she probably didn’t tell her parents about her acting slightly flirty with Motoki that day, which in her mind (and Moe/Mori’s) makes it all her fault (IT’S NOT). So we’re clearly supposed to think that Tomoe’s dad punished (killed?) Motoki for hurting Tomoe, the same way he killed the dog.

I still don’t see what that would have to do with the whole kidnapping thing, but maybe if the dad is capable of killing a dog, an possibly even his own son (???) then he could’ve killed the two kidnappers as well? But I’m really not convinced.

Chapter 16: omg it’s the 7th book and someone FINALLY tells Saikawa that he smokes too much!!


…while drinking while pregnant


Haha I had quite the double-take on that as well :flushed:
Different times, and different culture, I guess…


Is it though? Just did some googling, and apparently research/PSAs about FAS started in the 80s. This book is from 2000, so I don’t think there’s any excuse. In the end it doesn’t really matter and maybe it’s just the moralist in me, but the needless vice still annoys me.

Also, due to the way my reading schedule worked out, I decided to start on the last chapter early… I haven’t finished the book yet but I do know the who/how/why :eyes:

Some more off-topic science stuff

So, absolutely, it annoys me too. And I have no idea why he puts it there so prominently. :woman_shrugging:
Anyways, I got curious in learning about some numbers and found this:


and when I wanted to compare it with some Western numbers, I found this :flushed: :flushed:

Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy-A multinational European study - PubMed

So yeah, no excuse, nowhere… :cold_sweat:


It has been refreshing to read this book from the POV of Tomoe, Nishihata and Moe with Saikawa not so much involved until these two chapters. I didn’t think Moe was going to show up as much as she has! I like it.

We, or should I say “I” haha, still don’t know what’s up with the two masks, the random gunshot at the home residence, what does Akamatsu want, where is Motoki, who killed those two kidnappers, is the uncle or housemaid involved… And how reliable is Tomoe as a narrator?


I was thinking it was kind of interesting how Nishihata at the beginning of the book was like “I haven’t had a cigarette in so-so many hours and I have a project of seeing how long I can last without going bonkers”, so I thought "oho, someone who’s not going to be so annoying with the smoking? I’m here for it :eyes: :clap: " lmao.

Nishihata and Moe conversation was also refreshing tbh. Though the end of it was so awkward and hilarious. Nishihata: “omg, if I were younger I’d propose to you”. Moe: “…ok, byeee” leaves immediately :joy: