Week 8: 今はもうない - Switch Back [END]

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今はもうない - Switch Back Home Thread

Week 8


Start Date: May 04
Previous Part: Week 7


Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 8 May 04 なくてもいい・最終幕・まったく余分な (- end of book) ~56

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I just zoomed through to the end.

Overall I’d put this at the bottom of the series.

At the end of chapter 3 I did feel like all the stuff he said happened after the incident needed more time than we were given so I did think there was something strange with the timeline (like it was at least 4-5 years ago, not within the past year), although I didn’t get that it was actually Mutsuko. (Right before the reveal I was like “Moe has nieces/nephews? Also the niece acts exactly like I’d expect Moe to” tho.) I have no idea how Sasaki could have phrased the question to Suwano in a way that would cause him to give Moe’s name instead of Mutsuko’s, though.

Sasaki is still a massive creep. And he actually got Mutsuko and become a successful politician? :face_vomiting: I don’t think the reveal makes him any less awful.

As a mystery, the solution is neat and cute, but why is the book so long?? The other novels had multiple murders with several components that needed to be explained, but this ended up as just one incident with a very simple, straightforward explanation. It’s not like there was a murderer running around interfering with the investigation, so all that text just feels self-indulgent. Like this wasn’t about the murder but the characters/romance, except that was awful, so… there was nothing to like.

tl;dr this could’ve been an email short story

EDIT: also Mariko was right the entire time!! #justiceformariko


@Belerith :wink:

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I dunno I kinda liked the format of the book with the present day interludes and the first person narration, it was a nice change from the rest of the series. I also liked the bit where Moe’s aunt explains her theory where Sasaki did it. But I agree with you that the book didn’t have to be this long, nothing really happened until the thing with 橋爪 towards the end. And by the way… what the hell was that about after all?? Is it me or did we get zero explanation?

Also didn’t see the twist with the aunt coming. Like you, I did think the timeline was weird, when they visited the butler it seemed like it was quite a long time after the events. Maybe this was the book’s real mystery?

But my god if this was supposed to be a love story it was a terrible one. Apart from the fact that Sasaki is a pig, it makes zero sense. We don’t know why she fell for him but we also don’t really know why he fell for her. It seemed like he went from “how annoying, I have to talk to her” to “omg let’s get married” quite suddenly for no reason?

And yes it also occurred to me that Mariko was right all along ^^ Go girl!


I also think this was quite a long book. I liked that we got a different POV, even if the narrator remained of … questionable character through the end. I also liked that we had a mystery in the mystery. It felt like there must have been some time between this book and the rest of the series - at some point I think I wondered whether it might be set a bit before the main series and that Moe had lied about her age to make herself older. :joy:

I’m okay with the case and how it turned out. I guess I just never got really emotionally involved enough to care. :person_shrugging:

I’m sure there was more… I should really start just commenting when I’m done with the week and stop waiting for a moment when I have both time and energy. :upside_down_face:


For a while I thought “西之園嬢” might not be Moe, but the intermissions tricked me into giving up the idea :frowning:

I liked the dinner-party-during-a-storm setup, the format of the book, and the twist. The solution to the mystery was a bit underwhelming though, and I’m not a fan of Sasaki either. When he started blacking out at the 西之園 estate, I was sure that we would find out that he was hallucinating or something. At the very least I expected not-Moe to finally break it to him that no, she doesn’t like him, of course they aren’t getting married.

At least Moe’s aunt admitted that Sasaki’s novel didn’t convey why she would possibly want to marry him. Though it’s kind of a cop-out on Mori’s part, and if he’s going to insist on having older man / younger woman romances in all of his books, I would prefer if the characters were likeable…


I did not believe it until yesterday or so :laughing: but I finished the book! Right within the club’s timeframe.

OK I think I need to step up on Sasaki’s behalf. I really don’t think he was that bad, ok he was a bit simple-minded and driven by his emotions, but I was actually very happy to get a bit of a break from Saikawa who just likes to fabulate about his philosophical ideas, feel very smug about it, and otherwise behaves like a cold fish towards Moe :woman_shrugging:

I also liked the first-person perspective (or actually first-person book in the book) and the twist at the end. At the start of chapter 3 I felt like something was very off with the timeline, and wondered how so much could have possibly happened within a year or so, but I would never have guessed that!

For the murder mystery itself, it was really thin this time around, and I must say, by now I’m a bit tired to read the umpteenth version of how the murder(s) at hand could have happened, just to learn shortly after that oh no, the person overlooked this small detail so it could not have been this way, without being able to detect this myself because I’m lacking the details up-front. So I guess I will need quite some time to forget this so that I can look forward to the next volume :sweat_smile: especially since it’s such a fat boi compared to the ones up until now…


I don’t think Sasaki is likable but to be fair Saikawa is not super duper likable either, and I always wonder why Moe is so fond of him ^^’

This doesn’t really work as a love story, because in addition to Sasaki being (unintentionally?) unlikable, we are led to believe the other person is Moe, and she’s already supposed to have Saikawa*, so there’s no way we could be rooting for them to get together. It’s just confusing and I was also waiting for her to break to him that no, she’s not actually getting married with him.
The only “love” part of the book is just Sasaki raving over how pretty and smart not-Moe is.
I dunno Mori should stick to writing murder mysteries.

*At some point not-Moe also mentioned having someone (a professor) or something? I guess this was a different person, and not that important in the end… ?

And I’m still bothered by the incident with 橋爪. What the hell was that about and what purpose did it serve expect to introduce the marriage bet??


I was super confused about that as well. Now looking back on it, I guess it might mean that the aunt already had somebody set up for a 見舞い (hence the uproar with her own aunt)?

Sounds like a pretty ok purpose to me :woman_shrugging:

Yes :+1: They would be half the length with ten times the entertainment. :grin:


This book took forever to read, but I feel like that’s always the case with the books in this series for me. Even if not much happened, it wasn’t too bad, I feel. And even if Sasaki was a pig, it was refreshing to take a break from Saikawa. The ending/twist was interesting too, “西之園嬢” being Moe’s aunt all along.