Week 3: 今はもうない - Switch Back

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Week 3


Start Date: Mar 30
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 3 Mar 30 Ch. 1.11 - Ch. 1 end ~76

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The narrator feels kind of slow - on purpose, to make More seem all the smarter in comparison I assume - but seeing her from the outside is still a fresh comparison. If only he wasn’t so fixated on her. :upside_down_face:

I hope it’s not a ‘narrating culprit’ sort of reveal, but so far it doesn’t really point in that direction I don’t think. It feels like his idle thought that there’s also a switch back on film cassettes is going to be relevant, but I don’t know enough about films. Does someone know anything about that? Google only gives me the movie with that title when I search.


On page 147, there’s a line that has slightly bigger characters than normal - only 38 characters fit, instead of the usual 41. Weird :thinking:


I’m trying to catch up, I was going to wait until I fully caught up to post by thoughts, but the end of this chapter feels like a good place to post my thoughts so far…

Ugh, Sasaki sucks. Hard to tell how much misogyny is Sasaki and how much is Mori… That dinner scene :face_vomiting: I do hope Sasaki is the killer cuz I want him put away but after Tomoe in the previous book I think that’s unlikely.


The thing with 滝本 is sooo messed up. First of all leaving him to clean up the mess and take care of the bodies, GREAT. And then it turns out he was their step dad??? What the actual f***? 橋爪 seems like the most heartless person on the planet. So maybe he’s the murderer?? x)

And yeah Sasaki is kind of a pig :confused: But it seems likely that he’ll get a bit farther with Moe by the end of the book. She did say in the prologue she’d had some “next step” experience, I’m guessing it was Sasaki, and probably not just that one stolen kiss, but probably not super far either if I had to guess?


I also took note of that remark and figured that it might probably be a key to the murder case…
Regarding its meaning, I wondered about the exact meaning of スイッチバック and basically accidentally discovered that it means “switchback” (no shit, Sherlock - but I did not know that term) (in German it’s called “Spitzkehre”).


From that, I figured that applied to movies, it might maybe mean something like auto-reverse or so? (i.e. being able to rewind automatically)? Which would mean that the timings in our murder case could be very different to what Moe currently thinks :thinking:


I can’t remember whether it was mentioned or not, but I was imagining VHS video cassettes. That’s what is meant by “film cassette”, right? I haven’t used one since forever (over more than 10 years ago), so I can’t remember exactly, but I think maybe there was an auto-rewind function on the cassette player we had at home :thinking: The cassette would rewind itself a short while after the tape hit the end. I could be wrong though, haha.
(My favorite movies from my childhood: Robin Hood, Lion King 2, Chicken Run, Tarzan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I won’t mention the Barbie movies.)


That’s exactly my understanding as well. I guess we just need to read further to get a better picture here :laughing:


I don’t remember how it was described but I’ve been picturing old fashioned movie reels + projector



In fact if you image search for “映写機” this is the kind of projector you get.


That’s what I’ve been imagining too. The actresses supposedly didn’t know how the projector works, right? I think they could probably have figured it out if it were just playing VHS tapes :thinking: