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Week 6


Start Date: Apr 20
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 6 Apr 20 Ch. 2.12 - Ch. 2 end ~67

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Kinda funny how all the theories from last part were immediately disproven… I suppose what I find funny is less that turn of events, and more the fact that we put our reading club division at the perfect spot between the theory-forming and theory-breaking.

Anyway, Sasaki is still a creep, but I guess he’s going about being a creep in a slightly less awful way…?

What the heck was with Hashitzume at the end. Mistaking Moe for Kamiya seems a lot more likely than wanting to seduce/rape Moe herself, but mixing up Moe and Kamiya’s rooms seems unlikely since, y’know, it’s his house, so… yeah not sure what to make of that.

I agree with Moe that Sasaki isn’t the murderer (at least not according to her theory), but not because of his personality (which is verifiably awful), but because of his alibi… Moe went to Sasaki’s room shortly after hearing the scream, right? If Yasuko screamed when Yukiko was murdered, then I don’t think Sasaki could have caught and murdered Yasuko, set up Yasuko’s crime scene, set up Yukiko’s crime scene, set up both locked rooms, and then made it back down to his room before Moe arrived. Plus Mariko was with Sasaki before Moe arrived, so that makes Sasaki’s alibi even tighter.

Anyway, in case anyone is curious, I’ve also already read the next interlude and Saikawa has already solved it.


I kind of like the plot of the book although it’s been quite slow/low on action until that last scene. But I’ve been constantly baffled at how characters have been reacting to various situations. The way they brushed off the 橋爪 thing wtf?? Oh yeah he just tried to rape her, maybe was a mistake, let’s let him go without asking for an explanation and let’s talk about marriage instead. Btw why did they even assume that was what was going on? We’re in a mystery book so I thought he wanted to kill her or something.

Also yay finally caught up with the book club ^^


The pacing is very different from usually… At this point I’m kind of confused as to where on the timeline the events of this book take place. Moe at the beginning gave a wrong age, iirc? So where does this leave us, is this chronologically happening after the last book, do we know?


I think the prologue and interludes happen just after the last book, but the murder mystery is in the past, although it’s not clear when. Probably not that long ago, somewhere after the first book in the series? She’s already in love with Saikawa at that point, and also seems used to murder mystery solving…


Yeah, I had the same thought.

That rascally 橋爪 is just harassing his female guests again, he does it all the time, don’t mind him :roll_eyes:

Moe’s mad at her aunt for setting up an お見合い or something, right? Didn’t something like that happen in one of the last couple books?


Haaa yes you’re totally right there was something like that. Don’t remember which book though.


So I think we get introduced to the aunt in vol. 5 (the one I still haven’t read :woman_facepalming:) so that means the お見合い thing must have happened in vol. 6 or 7. At this time I don’t remember exactly which one though :woman_shrugging: