Week 1: 今はもうない - Switch Back

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Week 1


Start Date: Mar 16
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 1 Mar 16 意味のない - Ch. 1.4 ~70

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Uuuuhh, it’s already Sunday and I haven’t even finished the prologue yet :woman_facepalming:

The slow start of the book and an incredibly busy last week made for a good combo for delayed reading… I’m hoping to catch up over the next week though! :muscle:


Alright, the book is slowly picking up steam.

OK so Saikawa knew all along that Moe is in love with him but didn’t do anything. So either he is not interested (I don’t really think so), or he wants to wait until she is a bit older, maybe? Or he just doesn’t know what to do? Let’s see how that reflects in this book’s events…
By the way I loved how they edged around the topic in mathematical terms :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Especially him going on about interfering waves was just :chef’s_kiss:

1.1: OK so what does Moe do in the forest alone, all dressed up and fancy? :thinking: Is she so annoyed by Saikawa that she searches for the next best man in the vicinity? :rofl: Or is this a plan that relates to the murder mystery she talked about earlier?

1.2: Now Moe found a nice candidate, it seems… :rofl: Super-shy, alone, and also super-interested in her, but then wait, I do have a fiancée, you know? :melting_face: And she needs me to play Bridge with her, and seems to be a genuinely unpleasant person :rofl:


1.2: So far, I’m interpreting this as a flashback, but I guess she could also be doing some sneaky investigating :thinking:


Re. 1.2:

Oh! :woman_facepalming: I guess I’m way too simple-minded for this type of books :grin: Thanks for the interpretation.

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Started late and trying to catch up… I also interpreted everything as being a flashback relative to the prologue. Was taken a bit off guard by the change of style in 1.4. Not sure we’ve had this kind of narration before?


Finally managed to finish the first week :sweat_smile:

I thought again about the age Moe gave him, and that would fit as well - the story is supposed to be one year ago, in the prologue Saikawa reflects on Moe being 23, while she told her new fan that she is 22. It all fits :+1:

Very interesting to see how much this dude is into Moe. Given we never heard from him again, it seems plausible that he’s the one who is getting killed? Maybe by his brute fiance? :thinking:

Hmmm, what exactly are you referring to here? In how far do you think it’s different from 1.1 - 1.3?


Well I think it’s in 1.4 that the narrator starts talking about his role as a narrator, where the story is going, etc? Sort of addressing the reader directly. I’m sure there’s some technical term for this type of thing…


Oh I see! I must confess I am very bad at
noticing these things (sometimes I can’t even tell from whose perspective a story is being told :woman_shrugging:) and so I did notice at some later point that he said something like „oh there was one thing I forgot to mention“ and that was when I realized that he retold the story from a later point in time. But I don’t think I noticed in 1.4 already…
BTW this also invalidates my theory of maybe him being killed :sweat_smile:


Unless… :ghost:


Hello, I join late, but here I am :high_touch:

I like how Moe started the conversation with “Saikawa-sensei, I have something I’ve been wanting to tell you… 私、先生のことが大好き”. His reply: “I know”, and then after a while “話を逸らさないで”, meaning to say that the confession wasn’t the main topic Moe wanted to bring up. Agh, if they go about it like that, they can’t be serious about love :joy: shakes fist

Another way of thinking about it is, it’s as if the confession wasn’t the main card dealt by Moe, but a feint or distraction. Which by now is so very typically them with the way they’re having conversations. I’m pretty sure they’ve used the terms “card”, “trump card” and “feint” themselves too, when thinking about their own conversations.

At the end of 1.1:

I was so surprised at the end of 1.1 when it was revealed who the mysterious girl was :joy: At first when she was introduced I was so sure she was a psycho who was running away from a murder scene and that it was actually the guy who was in danger. Just from the description alone, I couldn’t tell at all it was her! At the end when she introduced herself as 西之園 it suddenly all made sense. I was actually sensing relief, like “okay, she’s not a psycho and he’s not in danger after all”, at least not in the sense of having to fear for his life, haha.

Characters so far:

Name Reading
西之園萌絵 にしのその・もえ
犀川創平 さいかわ・そうへい
笹木 ささき
神谷美鈴 かみや・みすず
石野真梨子 いしの・まりこ
橋爪怜司 はしづめ・れいじ
滝本 たきもと
橋爪清太郎 はしづめ・せいたろう
朝海由紀子 あさみ・ゆきこ
朝海耶素子 あさみ・やすこ

Edit: Hn, did I forget someone? :eyes: There should be 8 people at that place
Edit2: All good now, I think :ok_hand:


I think you have them all, that’s eight people including Moe.
Thanks for the list! I just finished week 3 but I wasn’t sure about some of the readings anymore ^^’

On my side I did figure out it was Moe part way through, but I don’t remember what led met to this conclusion. Maybe just the fact that this is Saikawa & Moe…


Ha wait, where’s 笹木


Ah! The last person is the narrator :woman_facepalming: :joy:

Yeah, exactly! :joy: I’ll add him to the list. I must have forgotten to mark his name in my ebook, haha.