Week 5: 詩的私的ジャック - JACK THE POETICAL PRIVATE (S&M Vol.4)

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Week 5


Start Date: July 16th
Previous Part: Week 4
Next Part: Week 6


Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 5 July 16th Chapter 9 + 10 34 + 35

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  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
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Proper Noun Readings

Previous Proper Nouns
Name Reading Notes Proof
犀川 創平 さいかわ そうへい Protagonist (Week 1)
西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ Protagonist
西之園 恭輔 にしのその きょうすけ Moe’s dad
西之園 捷輔 にしのその しょうすけ Moe’s uncle
結城 稔 ゆうき みのる Rock star
結城 寛 ゆうき ひろし Minoru’s big brother
篠崎 敏治 しのざき としはる Student, Minoru’s friend
杉東 千佳 すぎとう ちか Teacher, Hiroshi’s wife
藤井 紀子 ふじい のりこ Teacher (made the log house)
前川 聡美 まえかわ さとみ Victim
三浦 みうら Cop
浜口 悦夫 はまぐち えつお Technician from T大
田中 たなか Other guy from T大
河原田 かわらだ Forensics
岡部 おかべ SF club member, same grade as Moe
鵜飼 うかい Young cop
相田 素子 あいだ もとこ Victim #2
諏訪野 すわの Moe’s butler (Week 2)
西之園 都馬 にしのその トーマ Moe’s dog :wink:
国枝 桃子 くにえだ ももこ Saikawa’s assistant professor
牧野 洋子 まきの ようこ Student, Moe’s friend
喜多 きた Saikawa’s friend
さい Chinese student
金子 かねこ Male student
内田 かおり うちだ かおり Highschool student
山本 やまもと SF club member (Week 3)
浦野 うらの SF club member
吉村 よしむら Police detective
相良 さがら Teacher
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So close to caught up… I’ve been clawing my way back by a few days each week.


Same here. I’m always finishing the previous week’s reading just as the new week is starting, and by that point, any discussion points I might have thought of have already been discussed. :sweat_smile:


Oh, is it ‘catching up’ party? Technically caught up by finishing chapter 8 today, but I think it still counts? :muscle:


Yes, it counts! If you don’t read Ch. 9+10 until Friday night, you’re behind again, but until then all is good :blush:

(btw I’m in the same boat haha :upside_down_face: had to catch up with Kafka before continuing here :sweat_smile:)


Maybe the pace was a bit fast? Either way, I’m keeping up, it’s just not as leisurely as in the past.

By the way, this is easily the strangest and most disjointed book in the series so far. Saikawa was out of the picture for about five chapters there, there have been three murders but very few leads, and lots of down time. I still haven’t finished this week’s reading though, so we’ll see what happens…


Yeah, that’s a good point. I also thought it was a lot to read each week. Let’s see how we can adjust for the next volume with this experience.


I’ve found it mostly manageable—not too hard to keep up but tough to catch up. But then again this is pretty much the first time ever that I’ve only been reading one book at a time (in Japanese).

I like it when clubs push me to go just a bit faster than is comfortable.

The nice thing is that I don’t really get burnt out from Saikawa and Moe—sometimes with harder picks/less familiar styles the limiting factor is the amount of time I can focus more so than the time I have available.


Accounting for increased familiarity with the series over time as well, raising the speed slightly seems fine to me. I get that it’s a lot on top of other projects. I basically read only this for the last week or so.

On the other hand, I think last time the pace of 1 chapter a week felt a bit slow even?

And all because Mori didn’t create 50 page chapters for our sake.


I think with the previous book 1 chapter a week was fine for me, but this book has shorter chapters (or maybe I just messed up my calculations :woman_shrugging:), so I decided to suggest the 2-chapter approach. Haven’t looked into the next book yet, though, as it’s pretty far in the future still.


The schedules we’ve had so far:

Book # Ch/Week Total weeks Start
1 1 11 April 10th 2021
2 2 7 June 26th 2021
3 1 11 Dec 24th 2021
4 2 6 June 18th 2022

Hehe, seems like we have separate summer and winter schedules!


In case anyone else is wondering what a non-scarf マフラ is supposed to be…

マフラー, ie. the car thingie



Usually I’m really bad at understanding Katakana words but for this one I did not even bat an eye as the literal meaning of “muffler = something that muffles” is very much along the lines of the German word “Schalldämpfer = sound reducer”. (Makes actually way more sense to me than to use it for a scarf, tbh…)
Also, my dictionary claims that “muffler” is also used in the technical sense, at least in American English :woman_shrugging:


ohhh, maybe if I knew more about cars… I don’t even know what that part is called in my native language :see_no_evil:


In Swedish it’s apparently called “ljuddämpare” which (if I’m not mistaken) is again the same thing, basically :joy_cat:

European language family ftw :grin:


I don’t know anything about cars either and I was confused by マフラ as well!

In other news, here’s another one for the Saikawa and Moe bingo:

  • Saikawa gets someone nearly killed by withholding information :white_check_mark:

And hey! Some cute Saikawa/Moe relationship development. All aboard the ship train!

On the more mystery related side of things, I didn’t really understand how the device was attached (hanging on or from a shelf underneath the table??) and managed to pull the door and then detach itself. Anyone got a clear picture of how it works?


His attitude when she came to pick him up from the shuttle was brutal. Still a hell of a lot better than Toshiharu though.

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This was the kind of scene I’d love to see animated - I could only shake my head in surrender while reading that part :sweat_smile:


I must say I was pretty confused by that as well.
I think the general idea was that there would be a magnet at the far end of the thread, which would then close the locking mechanism of the door while being pulled across it. And then the magnet is supposed to detach from the thread (?) but afterwards it will not be found anywhere (??). Wouldn’t it just stick to the door mechanism when it comes off the thread?
And then the device pulls in the whole thread, and then there is another device that pulls the first one off the table (???). Really, I have no idea.

Mechanism discussion

Mhh, my understanding was that the magnets stayed attached to the strings.
The device pulls on the strings which closes the door, then as it keeps pulling, the magnets detach from the door and get reeled in. The thing is, that would require quite a bit of force (just how much torque does this tiny motor have??), and it would require the device to be firmly attached, otherwise it would be pulled towards the door instead. Just rereading it now, the text also says 機械は、次第に自分自身も引っ張られる, so I guess it does get pulled in a bit, but there’s gotta be a limit (some length of string?) otherwise it’s never gonna do anything to the door.
Then a second servomotor (in the same device, as I understood it) somehow detaches the device. But the text really isn’t clear on the details :confused: