Week 1: 詩的私的ジャック - JACK THE POETICAL PRIVATE (S&M Vol.4)

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詩的私的ジャック - JACK THE POETICAL PRIVATE (S&M Vol.4) Home Thread

Week 1


Start Date: June 18th
Next Part: Week 2


Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 1 June 18th Chapter 1 + 2 44 + 32

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Proper Noun Readings

Name Reading Notes Proof
犀川 創平 さいかわ そうへい Protagonist
西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ Protagonist
西之園 恭輔 にしのその きょうすけ Moe’s dad
西之園 捷輔 にしのその しょうすけ Moe’s uncle
結城 稔 ゆうき みのる Rock star
結城 寛 ゆうき ひろし Minoru’s big brother
篠崎 敏治 しのざき としはる Student, Minoru’s friend
杉東 千佳 すぎとう ちか Teacher, Hiroshi’s wife
藤井 紀子 ふじい のりこ Teacher (made the log house)
前川 聡美 まえかわ さとみ Victim
三浦 みうら Cop
浜口 悦夫 はまぐち えつお Technician from T大
田中 たなか Other guy from T大
河原田 かわらだ Forensics
岡部 おかべ SF club member
鵜飼 うかい Young cop
相田 素子 あいだ もとこ Victim #2
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Here we go! :raised_hands:


Finished chapter 1 (and got a bit into chapter 2). I thought all the books were right in a row, but it turns out they’re spaced further than I thought! I went back and checked, and Moe is a freshman in Perfect Insider, sophomore in Doctors in Isolated Room and Mathematical Goodbye, and now a junior here.

Anyway, looks like we’re going to have indirectly interlocking locked rooms–T University’s student locked room murdered at S University and vice versa. Interesting! Also interesting how we jump right into the murders, since the previous novels each took the time to establish cast and setting first.

I’m most interested to see how Minoru ends up fitting into everything, since they seem the most random and out of place.


Yep, sometimes there are also references along the lines of “that case that you solved last year” - so there are definitely some gaps between the books.

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Yeah, it was the references to 一昨年 that made me check the other books. The Japanese school year breaks in April, so this would be 5~6 months after Mathematical Goodbye (not a year and a half), right?

Anyway, finished chapter two. Anyone got any bright ideas?


I‘d think so too. Somewhere in Ch. 1 it was mentioned that they solved all the cases that occurred so far in two years, so this would not fit if there was 1.5 years between the third and this one, I guess.


Not really. My hunch is that this rockstar dude is a red herring - he is just set up a bit too obviously, with him trying to hit on Moe and everything. But other than that, nothing really.

Oh and if somebody would be so kind as to make a list of names? I‘ll put it in the OP afterwards. I think from next week I can do it myself; I just forgot to collect the names right from the start, and I‘m currently quite busy with JLPT and book clubs and work, so if anybody could jump in this time, that‘d be much appreciated!


I’m laaate. I only just finished chapter one T_T Part of it is because my book got wet (:scream:) and I had to let it dry, but I was already running late.

Anyway, so far we have:

  • Lots of smoking :white_check_mark:
  • Every single new female character described as 美人 :white_check_mark:
  • 密室 :white_check_mark:

There’s no doubt, we’re reading Saikawa&Moe!

I liked this bit when Saikawa describes Moe: 西之園萌絵は、犀川にとって特別な学生だった。(…)「特別」と表現したニュアンスも、最近では幾分、複雑になりつつある。Pretty sure he’s referring to the romantic tension :wink:

I think these are all the characters from chapter 1 (as I said I haven’t read chapter 2 yet).

kanji reading description
犀川創平 さいかわ そうへい Protagonist
西之園萌絵 にしのその もえ Protagonist
西之園恭輔 にしのその きょうすけ Moe’s dad
西之園捷輔 にしのその しょうすけ Moe’s uncle
結城稔 ゆうき みのる Rock star
結城寛 ゆうき ひろし Minoru’s big brother
篠崎敏治 しのざき としはる Student, Minoru’s friend
杉東千佳 すぎとう ちか Teacher, Hiroshi’s wife
藤井紀子 ふじい のりこ Teacher (made the log house)
前川聡美 まえかわ さとみ Victim
三浦 みうら Cop


I hope no one got harmed in the process of wetting and drying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Riiiight :laughing:

The poor fellow, all these complicated human interactions :wink:

You’re the best! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:


I’m also a bit behind, currently on Ch. 2 part 3. (Not due to wet book, fortunately, but because I had a hard time adjusting from being in the middle of reading SAO :sweat_smile: ) I think next week will probably be easier for me.


Hey everyone, I’m reading along but just barely staying on pace. Somehow I missed a week and now I’m behind on Kafka. Need to work on my concentration and time management. :sweat_smile:

Don’t have too much to add from the first two chapters. At first I was pleasantly surprised about the murders happening right away, but then things seemed to slow down pretty quickly. I’m more interested in 稔 than in 接着剤 right now. Ironically, the personal interactions in these books are usually more interesting than the mysteries themselves.

These are the things I like most about the book so far! :joy:


The amount of katakana words and especially Moe’s response in this dialogue from chapter 1 made me think of a certain Dogen video.


Here are the additional characters from chapter 2:

kanji reading description
浜口悦夫 はまぐち えつお Technician from T大
田中 たなか Other guy from T大
河原田 かわらだ Forensics
岡部 おかべ SF club member
鵜飼 うかい Young cop
相田素子 あいだ もとこ Victim #2

Alright, nothing to say really, except yep. When there’s no smoking, there’s lamenting about there being no smoking. :joy:

I’ll try to catch up before you’re all done, but … Life has been busy! We’ll see!


First week down!
I have to say it feels like there is comparatively little smoking? In vol 3 it was much more excessive :joy:

I also enjoy the fact that we have the detective‘s perspective as well!

And we already have a suspect, and possible solutions for both 密室? Wow! I wonder when the complications will start to set in :smiley: