Week 4: 詩的私的ジャック - JACK THE POETICAL PRIVATE (S&M Vol.4)

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Week 4


Start Date: July 9th
Previous Part: Week 3
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 4 July 9th Chapter 7 + 8 38 + 32

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Proper Noun Readings

Previous Proper Nouns
Name Reading Notes Proof
犀川 創平 さいかわ そうへい Protagonist (Week 1)
西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ Protagonist
西之園 恭輔 にしのその きょうすけ Moe’s dad
西之園 捷輔 にしのその しょうすけ Moe’s uncle
結城 稔 ゆうき みのる Rock star
結城 寛 ゆうき ひろし Minoru’s big brother
篠崎 敏治 しのざき としはる Student, Minoru’s friend
杉東 千佳 すぎとう ちか Teacher, Hiroshi’s wife
藤井 紀子 ふじい のりこ Teacher (made the log house)
前川 聡美 まえかわ さとみ Victim
三浦 みうら Cop
浜口 悦夫 はまぐち えつお Technician from T大
田中 たなか Other guy from T大
河原田 かわらだ Forensics
岡部 おかべ SF club member, same grade as Moe
鵜飼 うかい Young cop
相田 素子 あいだ もとこ Victim #2
諏訪野 すわの Moe’s butler (Week 2)
西之園 都馬 にしのその トーマ Moe’s dog :wink:
国枝 桃子 くにえだ ももこ Saikawa’s assistant professor
牧野 洋子 まきの ようこ Student, Moe’s friend
喜多 きた Saikawa’s friend
さい Chinese student
金子 かねこ Male student
内田 かおり うちだ かおり Highschool student
山本 やまもと SF club member (Week 3)
浦野 うらの SF club member
吉村 よしむら Police detective
相良 さがら Teacher
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Oh hey! Moe did cry again. I thought it was nicely handled and it shows she’s not as emotionless as Saikawa.

In other news I have no idea who the murderer is/are (there might indeed be several?) It’s gotta be a character we know but there aren’t all that many? I hope it’s not a student e.g. 岡部 because I kinda like him.


That also crossed my mind already… But who could it be? At first I thought that Hiroshi could play an important role, at least in constructing the locked room… For the last two killings, he has quite the alibi as they happened when he was chased across the country by the police. Then we have our creepy friend Toshiharu who also has an alibi for the last murder (but maybe not for #3? Hmmm) and then maybe Minoru might still be responsible for the first two murders? Although I still think that he was just too obviously not the murderer, like you said as well. So maybe it was Toshiharu at least for murders 1-3? And maybe he set up some trap for the 4th murder to happen or something, while he was in the pub with Moe? I mean, he gave clear instructions on the time and all, so maybe that was not exactly random…


phew, one day to spare (was traveling last weekend so chapters 5/6 were delayed)

why are the victims numbered, the only possible reason is if the order is wrong, but 1 and 2 are obvious, only 3 and 4 could be swapped, but does it even make a big difference whether Chika or Minoru was killed first?

The ‘core cast’ of people revolving around the murder was obviously Minoru’s group, and now 2/4 are dead and the other 2 have strong alibis. Hmmmm. I assume the culprit is in the list of characters, so either Hiroshi or Toshiharu has a great alibi trick or it’s some random professor/student

The discussion near the end on how the first two murders were a bit different from each other maybe implies that they were two different murderers? (Minoru and Toshiharu maybe?)

This could end up being totally wrong and I have no actual proof but Fujii gives me bad vibes

I thought the point about a corpse floating in concrete was kind of stupid, if that was the culprit’s plan they could’ve just brought something to weigh themselves down. Anyway Fujii said that the data would show if something was put in the concrete, so if something does come out of the concrete I’m going to be annoyed.

I also thought the book was leading up to Makino as victim #3 and was glad she did not die


The two chapters took me a while… somehow it feels like we entered the „nothing is really happening“ part of every S&M book where the two recount the case(s) again but no new information comes up, even though a lot of things did happen. I‘m also guessing two murderers, but I don’t know who? Shinozaki still seems suspicious.
One thing I really like, though, is that it always takes them a while to figure things out. It shows how much police work goes into a case and how long it can take. Maybe I’m just biased by Detective Conan because he always solves cases in an afternoon, motive and evidence included :smiley: