Week 5: 詩的私的ジャック - JACK THE POETICAL PRIVATE (S&M Vol.4)

Mechanism stuff

:exploding_head: That was the missing link, thank you! (I thought all the time that it’s going to detach from the thread…)

Ah, I see. I was already wondering what would happen with the second device if it was separate from the first one.

On top of that I got a bit lazy with the technical details and just read over them without clearly visualizing it all in my head. Thanks for explaining those parts!


I don’t think I mind the pace of the schedule (I was behind the whole time for volume 3 as well, so I didn’t get a feel for how much/little one chapter per week is because I could just read on), but I enjoyed discussing each chapter individually for volume 3 :smiley:
So many things happened in these two chapters I don’t even remember what happened in the beginning of chapter 9.

But he said 「僕のせいだ……。謝るよ」 so it’s all good right? :laughing:

Onto the last week, looking forward to all the alibi trick reveals!


I feel like it was actually a big step for him to recognize he made a mistake >_>


That’s what I noticed elsewhere as well (mainly Kafka) - reading two chapters a week is not a big deal, but trying to look back to those two chapters after the fact can be difficult :sweat_smile:
Sometimes my remedy for this is to discuss the first chapter already in the thread if there is something worth being mentioned. But yeah, things get more mixed up and people need more discipline to clearly mark which parts are for which chapters.

I don’t mind it as much for Kafka because the chapters are distinct enough due to the different story lines… we rarely have two chapters from the same viewpoint in a row.

But for S&M (and other detective novels), I don’t want to post a comment/theory after only having read one chapter, because it might get instantly rebutted in the second chapter :sweat_smile: