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I’m getting married! My fiance and I want to use 心から歓迎申し上げます on our wedding website and on the save the dates, to welcome people to the ceremony. BUT the paranoid part of me just wants to double make sure that any Japanese guests won’t laugh. Is this a proper usage of 心から歓迎申し上げます??


Are you expecting many Japanese guests? Is this the only Japanese text on the website?

Have you tried looking at examples of Japanese wedding invites to see what’s typical?


It seems より carries a bit more politeness than から maybe.
Congratulations on your wedding btw💒

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for a moment there I thought you were gonna invite everyone here to your wedding


same, I was disappointed when I opened the thread XD

Thanks for the replies all! Lol I wish I could invite all of Wanikani to the wedding, we could all do nuptial kanji brush writing together :stuck_out_tongue:

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