New User - Confused by "Enter" Kanji

Hi There!

I just started up with WaniKani, and I’m trying to get the Enter (入) kanji down, but I can’t get past the review.

I understand the reading (I thought >.<), ‘entering the teepee to get a neeew car’ and all that, but when I enter ni-yu-u (にゅう) it won’t accept it.

Can anyone help explain what I’m missing? I feel it is super obvious, but I’ve tried this lesson several times and I can’t get it.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s not ni-yu-u (にゆう), it’s nyuu (にゅう).

I would also suggest you read the FAQ

You are putting in a big や, ゆ, or よ instead of a small one. See the difference?

じよう = jiyou
じょう = jyou

きゆう = kiyuu
きゅう = kyuu

りよく = riyoku
りょく = ryoku

じゆう = jiyuu
じゅう = jyuu

じよ = jiyo
じょ = jyo

The difference is big, and it’s important to get these correct. For example, じゆう means “freedom,” so if you wrote that instead of じゅう, you would be saying something completely different.

Ah ha! I knew it was something obvious. Thanks, Rincewind!

I’ve gone through the FAQ already and am working on getting my hiragana down. I’ve been practicing it with flashcards for a few weeks now, actually, but the combination hiragana still throws me.

Awesome explanation, Heiopei! Really appreciate it. Makes complete sense.

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Write some random words in hiragana. That’s what really helped me with it.

The difference I really like to demonstrate this is びょういん (hospital) vs. びよういん (beauty salon). You don’t want to end up at one when you need the other, either way!

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no it’s not something obvious… that took me a really long time to grasp and i was on the verge of giving up hahahaXD

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