[WebApp] WaniKani Timemachine!

Hello wonderful people,

i love the wkstats site and the wallpaper generator tools, but i missed having historical information. So with this you can see how you progressed over time.

New Version!

  • Better performance
  • only fetching new data on subsequent visits
  • fancier graph
  • time-range selection

Old Version



  • Fetching data will take some time, also data is cached on subsequent visits but clicking “fetch” will refetch the full dataset.
  • “toggle kanji order” switches between WK order and most common order
  • If you see a red bar, that is the cutoff when WK started to collect more detailed review data, data before this point does not include reviews



haha of course, there’s always something^^ yeah forgot to throttle the requests (my shitty internet was slow enough anyway lmao)

this should be fixed now i hope


Got some slightly different errors than Kumirei (mainly the 404) then refreshed the page and got the second screen. Nothing displayed just like in Kumirei’s screen in my first pic only real difference was just the error codes as can be seen.

Possibly the same problem between the two screens but at least after refreshing part of it displays.

Also I have reset my account once back in October though back to level 1, so not sure if mine would be very helpful.


it would be! the error also might be related to that.

so i fixed some stuff, does it work now?

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very nice! i like the website a lot - very good replacement to the ‘progress timeline’ userscript, since v2 enables querying historical data (thanks to wk team too :slight_smile:)

thanks for taking the time to make it!

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Still got the same main error on first load then on refresh as well.


Also saw that day can be edited now which is nice.

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The API competition? :thinking: Or was it a joke?



found a really bad bug and fixed it <.< maybe it works now for you? if not could you share your api key with me via discord(dasding#8019) or something alike?

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Cool! I was looking for something like this. うぽつです

If you are looking for feature suggestions, a way to zoom/select a start and end date would be nice for someone like me (with 4 years of inactivity :sweat:).

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I have reset \o/
:thinking: I was steadily going until level 20 from april to september, and have reset in the january. (nothing happened in 2018)


Quite cool!!
And damn, theres so many kanji getting pink again and again :sweat_smile::joy:


Still doesn’t work for me. Ill toss you my api key through discord in a sec here, well right after you accept the fr since I can’t send you a message until then lol. (sorry about not being able to reply right away was fairly late and went to bed.)

Crap…somehow ended up 16 years in the future. Ducks have taken over. Please send bread…:turtle::fearful:


Resets are now handled properly :wink:

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Lookin’ good! I can see when I reset.


Same! Though most of the time before I reset is pretty flat lol :sweat_smile:

(I just kinda dropped off for a bit… lol)

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It would also be awesome if we could track when we reached each level, perhaps on a separate chart (so as not to overcrowd the “number of items” chart).

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