Unburn an item?


So recently I started burning stuff. I have an override script, and unfortunately overrode a wrong answer and accidentally burned a term (the nail radical). Is there a way to unburn the item and maybe put it back in the master queue?


Yes, it’s called “resurrect item” and you’ll find it on the item’s page. At the bottom, next to “retired date”, there should be a resurrect button.


This has been super useful, when I’ve managed to somehow learn the wrong reading to a kanji.



At level 6 how did you learn the wrong reading and have the item not marked down a level? Meaning I understand, but not reading.


It has to do with my super long breaks between WK learning… it’s not been good, and it’s now changing.


Resurrected items go back to apprentice.


Good to hear it. Personally I plan to get to a point where I know enough vocab that I can attempt to read, and to be done with WK within the year. Not being in work I don’t really have an excuse not to.