Way to remove just one word

Is there a way to remove just one word? I use wanikani every day while I’m at work desk warming and one word really annoys me. It’s so random and I want it out of my library. The word is 金玉 meaning testicles and I’m tired of getting jumpscared and it popping up as I’m studying. Luckily I’m fast, but in case any other random words like boobs or some other random nsfw word pops up, I want them removed so I can study peacefully while at work. It is so embarrassing to think of it popping up as someone walks by being nosy.


Ah yes, this one does come up periodically.

Are you working with people who can read the Japanese text? Because if not, an easy solution would be to add something more innocuous as a user synonym.

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like family jewels?

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I can’t describe how often I’ve already read that something like this happens to someone lol, it’s like a curse when you do WaniKani :joy: I’m really happy that my parents can’t read Japanese text, because I’m not sure if they would continue buying me WaniKani if 金玉 suddenly showed up on my screen lol

It may be just me, but if I were to use Wanikani at work, my employer would probably be much more annoyed at the fact that I’m studying Japanese on company time rather than about whatever word may come up. :no_mouth:


Once you get 金玉 guru’d it shouldn’t come up often. From memory, I don’t recall any other body-part words but I only reached level L45 before I reset. The L60 folks should know.

So your employer won’t care that you’re spending time at work studying Japanese instead of working, but they will care that an anatomically correct medical term (that they probably can’t even read anyway) just so happened to show up when they’re there to see it in one of the total 8 times it shows up before it’s burned and never to be seen again?

That is a rather odd employer…

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I live in Japan and I’m an ALT. Working on Japanese so life here is easily. The program I’m in encourages it.


Well I live in Japan, I’m and English teacher and I desk warm naturally because of that so might as well make life easier for me when I have no lessons to make :woman_shrugging:


I wouldn’t really call it an ‘anatomically correct medical term’, as 金玉 is more of a colloquial term. In fact wanikani states that “As you might have guessed, this word is slang and you’ll probably want to avoid using it at the doctor’s! It’s a comical word that is used in casual situations.” in the vocab description.


Fair enough. I was referring to the English word testicles since I figured they were more concerned about the English given most people outside of Japan can’t read Japanese. As it turns out, the OP later said they’re Japan, so the English matters less in that case.

That said, according to Japanese dictionaries it is informal, but not crude like ちんこ is for referring to that part of the male anatomy

At any rate, the overarching point still stands. I can’t imagine any reasonable person or company who sees the site is dedicated to learning kanji would have an issue with it in the incredibly unlikely event they even happened to see it during one of the very few times it comes up before it’s burned. It isn’t like the site is filled with lewd content or aimed at seed things. One quick look would assuage any such hypothetical qualms.

Mm. The problem, of course, is that a fair number of people in supervisory or managerial roles can turn out to be unreasonable on small matters…

If you go to the page https://www.wanikani.com/vocabulary/金玉 you can see at the bottom the date of the next review. On this day you can do your reviews at home after making sure that all doors and shutters are closed so that nobody can see you. I suppose this is a vocabulary item that you won’t forget so after at most 9 (spaced) days of successful reviews you are safe.