Was the first review time changed?

I did some lessons (vocabulary) between 6:30 and 6:45. According to the API, the first review for these items will be at 10:00. I thought it rounded down to the nearest 15 minute mark, so I was expecting the first reviews to be either 10:30 or 10:45. Did something change?


Yeah, I noticed that yesterday when I levelled up. I did the radicals at 8:30 at level up time, expected them for 12:30 and they came at 12:00.

Cool, I would love for this to be a permanent change. It would give me more time to do lessons after work and still have a first review before bed.

Hmm… I just did my radicals at 8pm. It’s only 8:03 now and my reviews are at 11. :confused:

I just did a lesson now and my next review for the vocab is in 4 hours, seems normal to me.

EDIT: Though what the api is giving out could be misinformation if they didn’t update something properly. Maybe.

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I just got a first review wrong and the next review is in 4 hours, not 3.5 hours. So either they changed it back or it only applies for the very first review.

I just did new lessons and the first review will be in 4 hours again.

@anon20839864 Can you tell us if this was a bug or some experimental change? Or are @Leebo and I just crazy?

Timings have been changed a bit. Calculation has been updated to beginning of the hour + SRS interval.

SRS intervals are still the same.


Wow, so does that mean if I do a lesson at 3:59, the first review will come at 7:00, because it adds 4 hours from 3:00?

That’s correct


Thank you so much. I know that it’s not a “big deal” to lose an hour on your minimum level up time, but I find it stressful to not be able to do my initial lessons quickly, and this means that when I level up I actually have an hour (well, 59 minutes 59 seconds) to do them without any change to my schedule!


Man, this is so awesome. It is now insanely easier to stay on the minimum timeline.

There are 8 “critical” times to do reviews to stay on track for a minimum level up. In the past, you had to complete all your “critical” reviews within 15 minutes of them appearing to not lose any traction. Basically there was no breathing room.

Now, you can basically use 8 extra hours, by doing your critical reviews almost an hour after they appear each time, and lose no time in your schedule.

You don’t get to pick and choose where those 8 hours are available to you, but it’s so much easier to schedule around now.

I’m so pumped that this is appearing just before I hit the “short” levels lol.


Good to know! My level up time is on the hour, so I hadn’t noticed, and I’ve been making it a point to do my lessons within 15 minutes…

Short levels are coming up for me too, but i’m not sure if want to keep the minimum timeline going…40% increase in lessons per day to keep up…

I was surprised to notice this change too, but mistook it for my clock being off. The smaller 15 minute more accurate reviews were handier for planning when to come back. Look at the clock: oh, 4 hours later. Easy.

I am not into that. Then again, I was not into the last step to Guru going down a day either. All this shortening to the SRS has left me not flexing my memory muscles as much…

@Viet @Koichi is there a scientific reason for this change? Or to just make programming/server loads easier?

I’m so glad you post these things, Leebo. Whenever I can’t remember something regarding level up times, I always go back and read your posts about it. Thank you!

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Okay, so, am I missing something?

I did a bunch of kanji and vocab lessons this morning. I completed all the lessons before 7am. I’m just now about to have my first review of them at noon. What the heck?

Edit : Sorry, I’m dumb, I was looking at the wrong ones… Ignore this!

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I hear what you are saying about not liking the shorter times as far as SRS goes and I understand. If anything, maybe they could round up to next hour instead of backwards? Otherwise you will just have to keep track of it yourself I guess.

I AM a fan, however, of grouping them together in one hour versus every 15 minutes. If you are like me and obsessively check your review queue throughout the day only to find 2 or 3 reviews at a time every 15-30 minutes, this will be very helpful I think. I would rather just do them in larger chunks (not 100+ but maybe 20-30) at a time. I feel more accomplished that way I guess…

I almost choked on what I was eating…



I don’t actually want that… I was just throwing that out there, trying to placate @AnimeCanuck :grinning:

Personally, as someone who has tried to keep my level up time solidly under the 8 day mark, I say, the faster the better.

Happy Birthday @viet !

If everybody’s review is now being “rounded down” to the nearest hour, does that mean your servers could expect a lot more activity on the hour. With the old 15 minute rounding, the load is spread throughout the hour.

The new batching will be better than having the reviews arrive in dribs and drabs.

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