Timing Change?

Just wondering if I missed a setting…

Is there any way to shift when the new day starts? When I wake-up I have a few reviews to do but around midday, the big dump normally happens. Is there a way to time-shift the “new day” so that it actually coincides with the real new day?

Each item has its own time interval, which you can see on that item’s page. If you do a review it gets whatever the next interval should be in the SRS. Big batches of stuff come from your own personal schedule building up there.

Excluding level-up critical items, like radicals, I spread my lessons out in batches of 5 or 10, so that I almost never have huge waves of stuff.

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If you just wait to do your reviews at your preferred time, then they’ll come back at that time, too - all except for the early apprentice items that have less than 24 hours til the next review.


Ok thanks…

The size of the batch is not an issue…it’s the timing…

You can shift all your items by going on vacation mode briefly. For example, if you want to push back all of your reviews by 6 hours, turn on vacation mode for 6 hours.


Yeah, but I’m saying my timing means they get spread out over the day, if I did them all together they’d all come at the same time. Whatever time that would be.

They’re just all going to revert though eventually if you maintain the same review schedule.

I agree. I do this shift once in a while to realign things.

I suspect there is something else going on here as if you review something at 8:05am, it will add on 24hrs until the next review and round-up to the nearest hour (ie 9am).

I know it’s anecdotal but I had 45 items first thing yesterday morning but almost none this morning…but waiting on a batch of 132 in <2 hours…which I think is the “new day” marker for WK…I suspect things are not time based but rather day based but have zero real evidence of that so…witchcraft?

The 1 day thing is actually 23 hours. 2 days is actually 47 hours. They’re all actually 1 hour shorter than the guide says, probably because it would look odd to be that specific in the little diagram they made. Plus, the time you did the review always gets rounded down, not up. So a review at 8:30 is recorded as 8:00, then add 23 hours, so the next is due at 7:00 the next day.

There’s no mystery to when an item will appear. You can check the page and do the math to match it.


Ah ok then…that makes more sense…I knew they had to be don’t some shifting for their database but guess wrong at the direction…

Maybe I’ll try seanblue suggestion if I ever get desperate…

Thanks folks…

In addition, you can install a timeline script to see when will items appear to review them.

WK has no “new day” setting like Anki does (or maybe another system you’ve used). As others have said, it all depends on when you actually do your lessons and reviews.

If we call the new day 6AM, and that’s when you want your reviews, you should do lessons at 6PM, make sure to do the first review between 10-11PM, sleep, and the next review for those items will be waiting for you 8 hours later at 6AM. If you do that one on time, as Leebo said, the next review will be the next day at 5AM. And so on.

Outside of using seanblue’s vacation suggestion, the only way to shift when the big dumps happen is to shift when you do your lessons/reviews.

Hope that helps!

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You can also download the Ultimate Timeline script to add to the website.

Installing that will give you no surprises!

You can find it on the page that @alexsdx linked above.

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2nd Leebo. It’s probably not intentional, but the consequence of the review spacings mostly being (around) multiples of 24 hours is the system tends to adapt to your daily schedule and keep giving you reviews when you tend to do reviews. Seanblue’s (brilliant, I have to say) trick will work temporarily, and then it will “learn” your schedule again over time.

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I’ve always wondered, do we know why the 1 and 2 day reviews subtract that hour? I figured maybe it was to compensate for people doing reviews across the hour mark who only do reviews at specific times, but I’ve never heard any clear explanation for it.

As far as I know, they haven’t said. I’ve seen some SRSs that throw a random small fudge factor into the rescheduling, as an intentional anti-bunching-up feature. That way if you do a bunch of higher-level ones all at once they come in at the next interval spread over a number of days. I don’t know that’s the reason for the subtracted hour though since an hour is not very significant and it would still bunch them all up, just an hour earlier.

My personal theory for the one hour thing is it’s there to not mess up your schedule if you fail to do them on time once.

Just imagine you always do your reviews between 8 AM and 9 AM. Then one day, for some reason, you can only manage to do them after 9. If they didn’t subtract that hour, your schedule would be permanently shifted one hour, which for some people would be an inconvenience. But the way it’s set up, it’s a bit more flexible.


Also, back in the day reviews showed up every 15 minutes, not every hour. So you’d have to always do all your 8:00 reviews by 8:15, which was even less realistic.


That’s what I’ve always assumed too. If I’m out one evening and end up doing my reviews really late, I don’t really want them to be stuck at 1am forevermore. This way I can always whittle them back to a sensible time.