How long between reviews

I’ve done a few searches through the forum on timing and review timing and I can’t find it even though I know it must be there…

Does anyone have a link to, or want to post about, how long the wait times are between reviews for a single kanji/radical (in particular for apprentice → radical)? Also, is it 4 or 5 corrects in a row to progress? Any other tidbits about “criteria for success” to guru things?


There used to be a difference between the item types, but it’s been the same across all 3 for about 6 months now.

4 hours
8 hours
1 day
2 days (complete this and you are at guru)
1 week
2 weeks
1 month
4 months

For any times 1 day or longer, subtract one hour. Additionally, these times are calculated from the previous hour. i.e. you do a lesson at 6:30, it rolls back to 6:00 for the calculation and then the review comes at 10:00.


If you get one wrong, do you get the next one 4 hours later, and then continue from there?

Don’t forget that any incorrects will roll you back a step in the SRS levels. The FAQ gives an example (under “Learning Method,” “How do I get an item to Guru, Master, Enlightened, and so on?”).

In order to reach Guru from Apprentice, you must get an item to Level 4 on the SRS scale.

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There’s a formula, based on how many mistakes you made. You can roll a burn review all the way back to the 4 hour review if you get it wrong a few times in one session.

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I think the whole question is applicable here:

How do I get an item to Guru, Master, Enlightened, and so on?

WaniKani’s SRS spans nine levels, which are split across the five groups.

Apprentice spans the first few SRS levels. Guru consists of a couple of levels. Master, Enlightened, and Burned represent single levels.

In order to reach Guru from Apprentice, you must get an item to Level 4 on the SRS scale. If you get an item correct, it goes up one level. If you get an item incorrect, it goes down a multiple of one level per grouped incorrect (meaning and reading answered incorrectly). Let’s pretend you are trying to get the kanji 大 to Guru. Here are your answers:

Correct (+1 level, SRS Level 1)
Correct (+1 level, SRS Level 2)
Correct (+1 level, SRS Level 3)
Incorrect (-1 levels, SRS Level 2)
Correct (+1 level, SRS Level 3)
Correct (+1 level, SRS Level 4. GURU)
When an item reaches Guru, it means you know that item fairly well, but not fluently. This is enough to unlock available associated items, like kanji that use a radical, or vocabulary that uses a kanji, etc.

Good find, I didn’t think to search through the FAQ for it.

The reason I didn’t mention the FAQ for the incorrect answer portion is because I’m not sure that’s exactly how it works, since all the timeline info you’ll find in the FAQ is outdated.

Perhaps @viet could give a definitive answer.


directly from WK’s Javascript:

r = (t>=5 ? 2*Math.round(o/2) : 1*Math.round(o/2))

‘t’ is the current SRS level, and 5 is Guru. In English, this reads:
“If current SRS level is Guru or above, reduce the SRS level by 2x. If Apprentice, reduce by 1x”.

Math.round(o/2) is saying: "if you’ve made:
1-2 mistakes, x = 1 level
3-4 mistakes, x = 2 levels

Making 1 or 2 mistakes on Apprentice sets you back 1 level.
Making 1 or 2 mistakes on Guru or above sets you back 2 levels.
Making 3 or 4 mistakes on Apprentice sets you back 2 levels.
Making 3 or 4 mistakes on Guru or above sets you back 4 levels.


Is this new? I very distinctly remember just a couple weeks ago that when I did lessons, it’d roll back to the nearest 15 minute interval (for lessons I did at 5:28pm, for example, I’d get the first review at 9:15pm), but now that you point that out I am noticing there’s no more 15 minute rollback. Also, by what you said, shouldn’t all our reviews be coming on the hour? Yet I still have reviews coming in on half hour intervals.

It was implemented in the last week, so any 15 minute or 30 minute interval ones you have from all of your master or enlightened and burn reviews will still come in at those intervals.

See viet’s responses

the second I saw the title, I was ready to type “its slow in the beginning, but just give it a few days.”


I had some other titles, but they were already taken >.>

XD I understand :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I updated this correctly.

Original image from WK.


I should probably verify this, these aren’t cumulative, right?

Yeah, you’re right. The reviews I used to have all the time on the 15 minute mark are gone… Everything’s more lumped together in half-hour increments now.

Anyone know when this change occured?

EDIT: See below.

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Oh. Thanks. You had already answered my above question. Knew it was recent!

If it used to say 4, it’s 3 days now. Not 2.

No, they’re not cumulative. The 4 months later is really 4 months after you did the review 1 month later.

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Used to say 3 on theirs. I think it’s 2 now…

It is. That’s how you can get less than 7 days for a whole level now.

Wait… that’s correct, right?