WaniKani's New Terms of Service

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Ok. I read the new ToS (yes all of it). Just to make sure I’m getting everything right, cause I know stuff like this is often open to interpretation, I will now attempt to summarize the information contained therein. Please let me know if I got it right:

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Behold! And the Allicrab said unto Koichi, “Come up to me into the mount, and be there: and I will give thee tablets of stone, and a law, and commandments which I have written; that thou mayest teach them.” And @koichi rose up, and his administrators @viet and @oldbonsai. Koichi went up into the mount of the :crabigator:

The mount was covered by cloud for six days, and on the seventh day Koichi went into the midst of the cloud and was in the mount Forty Two days and Forty Two nights! And Koichi said, “The Allicrab delivered unto me two tablets with stone motif written with a digital Crablike claw; and on them was written according to all the words, which the Allicrab spake with you in the mount, out of the shells of the turtles from the 火, in the day of the ToS announcement.”

Before the full Forty Two days expired, the children of Crabigator collectively decided that something had happened to Koichi, and compelled @Ryouki to fashion a Golden Poll, and he built a thread before it and the people voted.

After the full Forty Two days had passed, Koichi and Viet and Oldbonsai came down from the mountain with the tablets of stone motif. And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the message board, that he saw the Golden Poll, and the GIFing: and Koichi’s anger waxed 暑い, and he cast the tablets out of his hands, and brake them beneath the message board.

And the Allicrab told unto Koichi, "Order thee two tablets of stone motif like unto the first from Amazon Prime: and I will write upon these tablets the words that were in the first tablets, which thou brakest. For we want thy users to be informed of important changes unto our terms, as even a crabigator may maketh a typo. So whilst modification may come unto thine Agreement upon any time, thou will notify users of changes affecting thy rights and thus give time upon which to adjust. And henceforth all communications shall be digital, as that which is not digital is base and wicked before mine eyes.

And Koichi ordered two tablets of stone motif like unto the first from Amazon Prime; and Koichi rose up early in the morning, and went up unto Mount WaniKani, as the Allicrab had commanded him, and took in his hand the two tablets of stone motif.
And he was there with the Crabigator for Forty Two days and Forty Two nights; he did neither eat sushi, nor drink soda. And he wrote upon the tablets the words of the covenant, the ten commandments as follows:

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If you are a resident of a country outside the United States, your country’s minimum age may be older; in such a case, you are responsible for complying with your country’s laws.

You can always link this the 13 and under babies

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This… this is beautiful


@Kumirei, at this point you may be doing something really epic or are just trolling.


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  • You must be age 13 or older. While we are thrilled to see brilliant young people excited to learn Japanese, we must comply with United States law. WaniKani does not target our Service to children under 13, and we do not permit any Users under 13 on our Service. If we learn of any User under the age of 13, we will terminate that User’s account immediately. If you are a resident of a country outside the United States, your country’s minimum age may be older; in such a case, you are responsible for complying with your country’s laws.

Ok, so I got curious about what other countries had laws like this and did some googling. Turns out the EU has had a very similar directive which became an officially enforced regulation as of May this year, the controversial GDPR.
The General Data Protection Regulation states that

Consent for children, defined in the regulation as being less than 16 years old (although with the option for member states to individually make it as low as 13 years old (Article 8(1)),[10] must be given by the child’s parent or custodian, and verifiable (Article 8).[11]

[10] “Age of consent in the GDPR: updated mapping”. iapp.org . Retrieved 26 May 2018.
[11] “How the Proposed EU Data Protection Regulation Is Creating a Ripple Effect Worldwide”. Judy Schmitt, Florian Stahl. 11 October 2012. Retrieved 3 January 2013.

So it seems to depend on your country still. Let’s google some more and make a table.

Age of consent by the GDPR by country:

Country Age of consent
Germany 16
Hungary 16
Lithuania 16
Luxembourg 16
Malta 16
Romania 16
Slovakia 16
Switzerland** 16
Czech Republic 15
France 15
Greece 15
Slovenia 15
Austria 14
Cyprus 14
Belgium 13
Bulgaria 13
Croatia 13
Estonia 13
Finland 13
Ireland 13
Latvia 13
Norway* 13
Poland 13
Portugal 13
Spain 13
Sweden 13
United Kingdom 13

* Member of the European Economic Area
** Member of the European Free Trade Association

So… yeah. I’m sure there will be some users who have to be careful with what they say on the forums from now on.


The US has had COPPA (requires parental consent for users under 13) for many years, so that has been true about global sites/web apps for quite a while.

I am well aware of this, what caught my eye was the part about other countries.


It appears you are not allowed to use Kleenex™ as a username, good to know


I’m actually pretty sure that Discourse is hosting this, and it’s managed by them. So it’s really their problem.


And me! I’m an invertebrate. So, a group for us Spineless people?


You wouldn’t dare make a group


You have an error in definition of API (Application Provider Interface) where Provider should be Programming

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I like how the terms use anchors and links when reffering to other parts of said terms document. :anchor::chains::+1:t4:

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Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve submitted a pull request

I had to interrupt my studies to post here.

Holy crap, every single company everywhere needs to learn from you in creating/posting ToS.
I don’t know if it’s possible to do it better. I actually read through the whole thing, and didn’t fall asleep or get bored, either (not that that part is a necessary improvement, but still).

You’ve got the right paragraph breaks and space, font size, good use of bold, clear and easy-to-understand terms, phrases, and sentences, and the short summaries above each section are perfect - either if you want to skip reading through, or to skim through, or just to get an idea of what’s ahead. Also those short summaries having color breaks it up as well.

So basically, you made it easy to read with both wording and visuals - the latter being ignored like 99% of the time by others.

I might sound ridiculous right now for ranting about ToS, but whatevs, 'cause y’all did a fantastic job and thanks for making it actually readable and feel worth the read.


Dang, so I can’t sue you for incidental damages if I misread my train schedule and show up late for an appointment? Rats. There go my retirement plans.


All hail the crabigator! :place_of_worship:


Wish we could take full credit, but our terms of service is adapted from Github’s excellent ToS :slight_smile: