Regarding - New Terms of Service

Hello! It’s important you know that WaniKani is updating its Terms of Service.

Before you burn that next kanji, please give it a read then hit the accept button below. Once you do, this beautiful kanji-pink banner will make its way to the proverbial burn pile. Thankfully, we aren’t going to put it in your Reviews.

The announcement isn’t very informative. It links to a wall of text with a link to the older version of that wall of text. Are we supposed to find the relevant changes by comparing both? There should be an explanation of why changes were made and a list of what changed.

Here you go!


I think the quote from the official thread that most answers your question would be this:

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I was looking for that thread but must have missed it. My bad.

I have to renew my complaint. People in that thread explore the ToS to find relevant changes with a lot of effort. A simple list of changes would clear things up a lot.

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