WaniKani's New Terms of Service


Wish we could take full credit, but our terms of service is adapted from Github’s excellent ToS :slight_smile:


Us spineless members need to stick together and get the TOS to include invertebrates.


We do have a fax number, actually - it’s the only way for us to do business with some Japanese companies :cold_sweat:


This is now one of my favourite ToS (yes, I do read those things often enough). It’s so nicely-formatted, even my occasional habit of scrolling down and reading the paragraphs in reverse order didn’t leave me confused.

Also, both my ability to focus and understand, and to English seem to not be that good at this moment, because my first thought at the ‘no telephone support’ thing was ‘why would I contact them when my phone is broken?’. Yeah. Yay readable ToS!


Oh and letters, right? If I email you my email address, since you started the sticker thing after my membership (presumably when beta ended?)??


I actually struggle with reading long documents. Not sure if it’s cognitive/memory/executive function/brain fog stuff from ADD and Fibromyalgia (and meds) or what, but I might read the same thing over and over, accidentally skip stuff, zone out while reading (and not take it in), or even fall asleep unintentionally. Even for subjects that I’m excited about or interested in. So it is a big deal that I could read through it in its entirety.

/bla bla rambling, just ignore me


Thought you gave away the fax machine for WaniKani Wednesday?


I love how ominous this sounds, especially followed immediately by a section titled SURVIVAL.

Anyway, here’s another voice saying thanks for the transparency and readability! I’m not any kind of lawyer at all, but I was still able to read it with very little existential pain.


It’s even more fun when you sit on a train and get told over the speaker “The Train will Terminate…” O_o


Compared to lots of similar documents, this one is easy to read and fairly compact. (Regarding the text and not the font size :grinning:)


starts faxing gifs to koichi


one ups kumirei


I’ve never seen a ToS update provoke so much wit and general hilarity. WK could add a ‘quip quotient requirement’ to their terms of service and we’d all still pass.

…does the copyright terms mean all our anime gifs are now no-nos?




I’m not a lawyer, but a gif is surely short enough to be covered by fair use. Right?



(Like, sometimes I know I’m reading but I’m not sure what I read)


Oh no WaniKani is some kind of kanji cult! D=


that ToS has got to be the very first one I have ever actually read :open_mouth: here’s another one (i’m an actual person, I swear :no_mouth:) humbly thanking the higher ups for their effort :blush:


Read this as poll request for a second and was about to hit the self destruct button.


For Australia I found this:


tl;dr 15, although there are exceptions if the person can prove they are mature.

I find that interesting that people will be examined to judge if they are ‘mature’ enough. I wonder how they do it :thinking: