WaniKani Subscriptions Giveaway

This giveaway for 3 yearly subscriptions is now over as I have received 13 responses and don’t want too many people to be disappointed. Thank you all for your participation, I will be emailing the selected folks very soon!
My apologies to anyone who was not selected. It was not easy short-listing folks. Over the course of my career, I learned (sometimes the hard way) that the way you approach people is the most important and sought out skill (way beyond any technical prowess). With this in mind, I narrowed down the candidates based on the way they approached this in their emails and the message and tone they were conveying.
Look out for the next giveaway probably some time in the new year.
You’re all awesome :kiss:

Inspired by @alexbeldan, I’ve decided to do a giveaway too, with different criteria.
This will be for yearly subscriptions (at least two, maybe more, dunno yet, depends on how popular this is).


  • At least level 10 (this shows that you’ve stuck through the easy phase and have had some patience)
  • Two weeks or less average levelling time (screenshot from idigtech will do - this shows you’re levelling at a speed that is conducive to burning everything in less than three years)
  • Can’t comfortably afford WK yourself.

Beyond the above, there are no strings attached at all. Just email me at deleted with the idigtech screenshot and anything you’d like to add. This is not a handout: as someone with a huge interest in education and some experience in the field, I take great pleasure in seeing people progress in whatever they’re learning, so really, by getting one of these, you’re just doing me a favor, so thank you in advance :slight_smile:.

I’ll probably close this out in ten days, or before, or after, whatever, I dunno. Soon. After which I’ll coordinate with the WK team and try and get this done ASAP.


Fantastic!! Thanks for your generosity!

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Too bad I just started and I’m still level 4 :confused:

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This is great! I do not need it, I can afford WK, but I’m glad that you are offering this!


Im still level 5, and even if I am eligible, Yearly sub is too much for me to receive. I still appreciate your good will though, always happy to see a generous soul in this crabigator land.

On behalf of anyone who will receive this, I thank you (Sound Warning)

@alexbeldan Thats for you too

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On the other end I think paying with my own money will make me want to give my best even more, but I’m surprised this community is full of nice people ready to help others


As a seasoned Wanikani user, I think “Two weeks or less average levelling time” is too much.

My average is about 18days, and I always keep my lessons/reviews count to 0. For some people, memorizing takes is a bit longer.
Moreover, learning radicals, kanji and vocabulary is not a race. There shouldn’t be a speed requirement because everyone learns at a different pace, and the average at early levels can be deceptive.

I don’t plan to participate because I can afford my subscription, but for more fairness, I think every motivated enough WK user (whether he’s a fast learner or not) should have a chance.


My reasoning behind the two weeks is because I felt that beyond that, to finish WK, it would be more economical to go with a lifetime subscription anyway. Just seems like a loss of objective value to go with yearly subscriptions at that point.


@alexbeldan, by the same token, thank you too!

@Kozaisho, my apologies :confused:, I hope you understand where I am coming from though with the level 10 criteria…

@focx, no thanks required, just pass along the message to anyone you think could use this, please! :slight_smile: Thank you!



EDIT:(Ups, I’m just giving you false hopes :joy: you need to be at least lvl 10 :joy: ごめん!)

EDIT 2: I’m so happy to see you doing this! :slight_smile: @VegasVed

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If only there was a dislike button

Just applying to this giveaway! Thanks!

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Wow, what a nice thing to do. Hopefully people who really need it will profit from this.

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*also half way through level 9

now this is just evil


Everything doesn’t have to be completely black and white, if you could use this, just send me an email, you’re right on the edge! :slight_smile:

thanks man, I just thought it was a bit funny how close I was to the criteria. I wasn’t that worried; I had around 10 days to level up and bring my average down. Anyway, thanks so much for the giveaway! :smiley:

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I understand, don’t worry! I think there are people who would need it more than me anyway, it’s better if they get it.

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Doing better than me. Guess us folk with full time jobs, a family, and sub-par smarts, aren’t worthy.



I don’t understand why people are complaining about his criteria. He is giving away something for free, who cares if you don’t agree with exactly how he’s doing it.

I have a full-time job, family and social obligations, etc. as well, so I don’t think that’s an excuse. It’s about priority and time management. It’s fine not to have WK as your priority, but you can’t say you have no time for WK. Most people do, it’s just that they spend it on something else (30 mins-1 hr of Netflix before bed, going out for a beer, etc.).

EDIT: I’m not saying you can’t be upset, but the guy is already being nice by doing this giveaway. No need to argue about it.


I don’t mean to be disrespectful, as I have yet to learn a lot about life. I’m still a 22yo kido… but isn’t 24 days/level just a little lack of organization?

You could do the radicals easily in five days. They’re less than 10 at your level. Finishing them would allow you to unlock all the Kanji on that level.

Then, you would have all the 30 Kanji distributed by 15 days (since Day 1). That would mean 3 lessons every day. This would also mean that you would level up every 15 days (10 days + 5 days for the worst possible scenario).

Finally, vocab. on average you have 110 words per level (+/-). If you aimed to do the vocab distributed by the 15 days, you would have to do at best 7 lessons of vocab every day. In total, you would have to do about 10 lessons every day (3 Kanji + 7 vocab). That takes 10 minutes of your time or 1% of the time you’re awake (considering that you’re sleeping 8h/day, like everyone should ^^)

Right now you’re lvl 25 and doing 24d16h per level, which means that:

24 x 24 + 16 (number of hours/level) = 592h/level.
25 (your level) x 592h = 14 800h total of WK.
Lvl’ing up every 15 days = 375h/level.
14800/375 (total/level) = level 39,4(6).

This would mean that being well organized would put you on lvl 39 today.

I don’t intend to point a finger on you or anything. I just believe that being well-organized does half of the work on WK. :slight_smile: