Started five years ago... coming back finally

Five years ago I stumbled across Tofugu and was really interested in learning Japanese. I was looking at Textfugu and WaniKani, but never went further than the free stuff. With WaniKani I didn’t get very far at all (learned a few radicals, but really nothing much). I want to come back and get serious about it, but I’m not sure how to approach it.

Should I get Textfugu first and try to get some basic grammar down before coming over to WaniKani? Also, is there a way to like reset my account? Or should I just do all the reviews lol

Thanks guys!!

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It really depends how you want to approach it. If it was me, if reset my account possibly if I hang done anything in 5 years. If also do your grammar studies alongside Wanikani. There’s a really nice thread over here for resources.

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Yeah, I’m sure doing both would definitely be the best option. I’ll most likely start with Textfugu and after the first season start doing Wanikani too. I’ll look at that thread too. Thanks!!

After a few years, I came back to japanese study. I started with hiragana-katanaka along with kanjis here in Wanikani. After a few words, I started doing some grammar too on the side. It is good to do it simultaneously.

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My experience of resetting my account:

I signed up for a WK lifetime account towards the end of 2012, but very soon afterwards I was in a situation where I had to stop learning Japanese completely. I was probably only at around Level 5 when I stopped. But that still meant a lot of reviews to come back to - given that I could remember hardly anything!

On 23 February this year I decided to start again. I asked by email for my account to be reset to the very beginning. They checked with me first that I was sure I wanted to do that - and it’s turned out to be a really good decision for me. I’m already getting close to Level 6 - and really enjoying it this time around as I’m much more focused.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve gone ahead and reset my account. I’m liking the fresh start so far. Hope this goes well!


Good luck! Fresh start are always good!


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