Wanikani-themed t-shirts


@koichi please consider making some wanikani themed tees, the community banner image for example is sooooo cute!

So I finished level 3 in Wanikani and got a mail about it

Yeah you guys have an extremely talented illustrator on your team so I think you could come up with some really great shirts!


Ohh awesome idea!


heeeey, 久しぶり :wave:


Yeah! If you don’t sell us shirts we’ll have to go naked!


久しぶり! :wave:
How are you doing? : D


I’m funding this



Pretty good atm, though I just levelled up to 45, so the short levels will kill me in no time :scream_cat:


Ahhh but that’s an awesome way to die! Can’t wait to hit those levels myself finally…someday orz


Ohhh my gosh. Yes. Yes x1000.

どうぞお金を受け取ってください :sparkling_heart:


I would be all over a WaniKani t-shirt.

Imagine: a WaniKani Pink™️ t-shirt with a white Crabigator silhouette (or even just a drawing) on it. I’d wear that so often.


Would be great for meeting turtles on campus


I’m not into print t-shirts, but I would totally wear a Wanikani one :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love it if it was printed with water-based ink… Those always feel so ridiculously high-quality. :heart_eyes:


Hi qiwi! New forum is bringing everyone back :smiley:



there could be a 5 set with all the srs level colours, that would be pretty


Everybody will try to install the golden burn userscript on their t-shirt.



But only on Wednesdays.