Rewards for learning

What do you guys think of adding a sort of rewards system to incentivise learning? Like maybe you could unlock new skins for Wanikani, or something.

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Yeah, like a point system where every correct review item will give certain points and wrong answer will deduct them. And daily login/review streak might be used as multipliers, so if you have a bigger streak then maybe you get more points per correct answer.

Then after you collect enough points, you may use those to buy free WK shirts, stickers, banners or other stuff and may be even free months :smiley:.


Unlocking new kanji for leveling up would be cool … wait


WK already rewards you with new unlocks and a level system, its one of the main reasons I use it, I feel like I’m accomplishing things and want to be one of those level 60’s with the shiny yellow icon next to their name.


Someone could make this as a user script.

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Yeah it already has a sort of rewarding quality to it, but I think it could be fun to unlock little trinkets or achievements.

Also, if you are fast, you can boast…


It already feels rewarding and i think the simplicity of it feels really good. I wouldn’t want it to become like duolingo, getting lingots to pay for a vacation mode, or to feel worse about missing a meaning by losing points


One of my favorite rewards in Wanikani is that for every kanji I learn, I unlock an achievement where I am able to recognize that kanji in real life. I’d even say that’s my favorite feature of the entire site. :crabigator::heart::crabigator:


Personally I don’t need it. If it was an optional feature that I don’t have to worry about, then by all means.

Just learning feels rewarding enough, to me. : D

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Is pating for vacation mode really a thing? Wewlad.

With duo lingo you can buy a ‘streak freeze’ so you can not use the app but keep your streak. Its pretty much the only thing to spend the app currency on, defeating the purpose of a learning tool -_-

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I think it would be problematic to tie it to your learning speed, people who just can’t log in all the time or have a few leeches they are fighting bravely will be penalized.

But I wouldn’t mind getting something additional for reaching level 20/40/60 or something, like a t-shirt “I learned 2000 kanji and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”.


I would 200% prefer the t-shirt to the $10 discount (yearly) they did a few months ago xD

Let be honest though, nobody is going to stop using WaniKani because they weren’t awarded a t-shirt, while they may get more subscribers by dropping the price. Little rewards may be nice (to some people, I personally don’t care), but I see little business value in this case.


The handful of people per year actually reaching level 60 will not break the bank, and people bragging that they learnt something at WK is free advertisement. Even reaching level 20 is not that common.

People not dropping out → longer subscriptions, and some people are already motivated by a t-shirt. I don’t think it’s discount vs. shirt (or something similar), you will stay with WK without the shirt but it is a nice gesture. (You do get a sticker when starting, right?)

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Well… I’m not forcing anyone. Just gave my opinion. About being good for the biz or not, it’s not what you do but how you do it :man_shrugging:

We’re totally going to be doing something like this for level ups - Beyond just digital rewards, we’re hoping to implement something that includes physical goods, too. For example, if you were to get an achievement badge of some kind after finishing a level or xyz, I want people to be able to get a pin of that badge, just in case they want to show off how proud they were for finishing a level, item, etc. That, and a dumb tshirt for level 60ers.

Anyways, we’re working on it, but there’s a few dev steps that have to come before to support it, before we can build it out. In the meantime, we’ll probably start sending out level up emails or something, with suggestions for practice, encouragement, etc., a little sooner than the above.


Good boy :heart: Merry Crabsmas!

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@koichi Something fashionable please!