Get Yer WaniKani Stickers


I’m prepping the Tofugu Store for the Tofugu-side of our yearly sale, and in doing so I took stock of our stickers collection… which is verging on the level hoarding.

I made a WaniKani stickers variety pack, which contains five different WaniKani stickers. For WK people only: if you use the code CRABIGATORKYOU at checkout, it should give you 37-ish% off this pack. Price should go from $7.99 to $4.99. I didn’t test it, though, so let me know if it’s not working. Coupon won’t apply to any other item.

Here’s the link:

Really, though, what I’d like to recommend the most is the Tofukubukuro Random & Rare Sticker Grab Bag (Tofukubukuro is a play on the word 福袋, for our level 42+ friends out there). It’s a sticker pack that contains 3 “common” stickers, 2 “medium-rare” stickers, and 1 “rare” sticker. It contains one WaniKani sticker you can’t get anywhere else. And it’s beautiful okay? Don’t @ me. It’s currently discounted too (no coupon required), and each one comes with an illustration of a dog on the envelope that a staff member will be forced to draw. If you see any smudges or wet marks, it’s because they were crying from hand cramps.

Get it here:

My only other main recommendation is the 4,500 Japanese Sentences workbook. It contains 4,500 Japanese sentences (whaaat?) and the idea is you translate them, somewhat imperfectly, as quickly as you possibly can. There’s a whole thing on the store page about quantity over quality, and how that will get you to fluency way quicker. If you’re level 20+, and have a decent amount of beginner level grammar under your belt, this is a great workbook for you. If not, you can always grab it for future-you. It’s 75% off.

Also, our coloring book (PDF) is 100% off (it’s free). I think it’s pretty fun, but, like, that’s just my opinion, man.

↑ A few examples. That’s some dank coloring.

Merry Crabsmas.


Y-you’re 75% off!
I finally Glias’d Koichi. Yasss…


These stickers are so cool but I would’t know where to stick them …


On your laptop/computer, fridge, car, your face, someone else’s face, your pet’s face… just a few ideas


I just got a new laptop and there’s so much room for activities stickers. c:


Yes! Finally I can buy more stickers just so that I can save them and never ending up using them!


My laptop has this sort of ribbed surface on the back so stickers wouldn’t stick there I think


You could put them on your lower back and wear crop tops to show it off.
Kind of hoping somebody will photoshop this.


I still think Wanikani shirts would be cool…


Petition to get WK t-shirts :crabigator::sparkles:

  • Yes, I’d be とても interested!
  • No, I want to serve the Crabigator in secrecy

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T-shirts are easier to find places to put them on, so


Like your drawer.


かっこいすぎ!I would definitely take it to the JLPT test :roll_eyes:


More like my body?



God, there’s not a single decent t-shirt about learning Japanese… really?


If the Tofugu team doesn’t decide to fulfill this space in the market, I’ll have to talk to my cool designer friend and take care of this :thinking: Challenge is pretty much avoiding creating something super cringy.


@koichi Is there a way to pay via paypal? I don’t have a credit card but I need those stickerrrrs. Pretty please?



Puns using both Japanese and English. Perfect.