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The English Wikipedia page for WaniKani is being proposed for deletion right now. I bring it up here because perhaps some people here will have constructive, well-sourced things to add to the short stub of an article, so that it can stay up. But, perhaps rightly, the page is being challenged and may be deleted because it is not notable enough.


I propose @koichi gets involved in a controversial international scandal that receives a lot of media attention. Time’s ticking, it looks like the page will be deleted in a couple days.


To be fair, literally none of the 5 references on the page have working links. I recommend they create a Tofugu article instead to conform with:

If a company is notable, information on its products and services should generally be included in the article on the company itself, unless the company article is so large that this would make the article unwieldy.

Though it’s very questionable to even consider Tofugu “notable”.

P.S. When I searched for Tofugu in Wikipedia to confirm that it didn’t already exist, I got a hit for Shiritori. Apparently, a Tofugu blog post is one of two primary sources for that page.


I propose it be merged with an article about the Tofugu empire, which also covers things like TextFugu and EtoEto, which will be out SoonTM.


I can’t™️ Understand™️ Your definition™️ Of Soon™️

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