It's been a while, what happened?

Local “does wanikani straight for 3 months then stops for 6”, i’ve been busy with jp class and irl stuff, but because I have a free week, I was thinking of checking wanikani (and bunpro again), but it seems like the site itself and the atmosphere of the forums have changed.

For context, I’ve been most active around 2021 ish, came back a bit in 2022 but didn’t stay for long. I’m not the most committed person with SRS, i’ll admit. All I know is that a bunch of my scripts were broken, and apparently there’s kana only stuff (which people seem to be mad about?)


Actually just realized the summary page doesn’t exist anymore, that’s kinda wild. Sorry for the double post immediately but the more i dig in the more the site seems to be struggling with maintaining features that I considered essential. If anyone had a summary of the changes/current state/if they recommend staying or not, i’d love that lmao


Most of the context for that is in this mega thread. A lot of negativity, but it was entertaining to watch happen in its own way.

  1. On March 27 a big change was made to the code base. WaniKani’s reasoning was to make it easier to make future updates (and I believe one of the devs said it was necessary to add kana-only vocab). This led to a lot of scripts breaking and the removal of the review summary pages. Most major scripts are fixed, but people are still (rightfully) angry about the summary page’s removal.

  2. It was announced about a month ago that kana-only vocab was being added. About half of the community welcomed this change while the other half thought it was a terrible idea mostly because there is no opt-out button.

  3. I would say that only the ‘WaniKani’ category is anymore toxic, but the other two sub-categories are as welcoming as they have always been.

NOTE: a lot of this anger is directed towards the dev teams lack of initiative on fixing these problems. It’s not worrying to me, but to people who feel any particular way on these issues, it is.


I am fairly certain all the missing features that people have been asking for (summary page, opt out for kana vocab) will sort themselves out eventually, but it might very well take a couple months. whether that is a problem for you is something you will have to decide yourself. There are always userscripts that can do much or all of that functionality right now as another option.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs got an update and the summary page was added to that, but was then removed from WaniKani. Causing society to collapse in on itself. Still waiting for updates but the future of Japanese learning looks bleak for some.


It’s already been a couple months since the review page was removed. I honestly think it’s more likely that it’s never coming back.


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