WaniKani (and Tofugu) is Hiring

Hi Everybody,

I know there are a lot of skilled, motivated, and smart people squatting out in front of the conbini that is the WaniKani forums. In theory, some of you even like what we’re doing here (and at Tofugu). I bet a few of those people even do their Reviews every day…

If that’s you, and if you feel like your skills, experience, and interest in Japan/Japanese line up, I wanted to let you know that we’re hiring for a slew of positions. We’re looking for:

  • A front end developer to help bring new features to Tofugu and WaniKani. They will also be updating the design of both properties.
  • A software engineer for mobile applications to continue development on an iOS app that may or may not be very, very close to a closed beta egooooot!. This person will also work on the Android version and build out additional features to bring it into feature parity with the web app. If you live, breathe, (and are really good at) React Native, let’s talk.
  • Content researchers and writers to help accelerate content production on both Tofugu and WaniKani. If you have a high level of Japanese and English, as well as special talent for distilling dull, complicated, thick concepts into something understandable, I’d love to talk to you.
  • and even a summer intern or two. You’ll be doing similar work as the Content Researcher and Writer position, with a few extra avenues for extracurricular learning on topics of your own interest.

We’re open to both remote or local (in Portland, OR, USA) employment.

If you’re interested, think we may make a good fit, or know anybody who might make a good fit, please:

:point_right:Take a look at the jobs page on Tofugu:point_left:.

Tofugu offers a competitive salary and great benefits (30 days of PTO, 7 holidays of your choice, actual 40-ish-hour workweeks, medical, dental, and vision insurance, 6 months maternity for birthing parent, 3 months for non-birthing… to name a few of the standard ones), including a trip to Japan every 1.5 years for our company retreat. The next one is in July 2019, if you’re interested in going.

That’s it, thanks! And please be sure to finish your reviews before you update your resumé.


The spelling is different! Clue? :thinking:


Holy cow at the researcher / writer salary. Wasn’t expecting anything that high.

Not that I want to quit my current job, or would be qualified though.


Open to Canadians?


The description for salary says “Equivalent monetary compensation for those outside the USA.” so I would think Canada is fine.


I didn’t even know there was “Tofugu’s monograph section” :slight_smile:


I’m returning to the US (West Coast) this summer following my term with JET, and I was wondering about WK/Tofugu job positions because I remember looking at their summer intern position years ago… Excited to hear that they’re hiring!

I’m afraid I don’t have the tech skills (yet?) to apply for tech-y related positions, but still looks really interesting!! :smiley:


The position does call for someone with a master’s degree or equivalent.

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Yeah, part of why I said I’m not qualified. Sounds like an interesting job though.

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Ummm isn’t @koichi supposed to be dead?


That’s a nice benefits package!


Nice to see you guys are still growing @koichi! The positions aren’t right for me, but maybe someday. :slight_smile:

P.S. You have a typo in the first job description.

You’ll also improve WaniKani’s the usability and design of WaniKani.


I can balance a spoon on my nose, that counts for all three right?


Cool. I don’t think I qualify for any position, but they look like really good jobs. Good luck to everyone who are applying!


I assumed you can handle the front end position


If you can learn Vue and Ruby as quickly as you learned JavaScript and CSS I’m sure you’ll be qualified in about a week. :slight_smile:


Join us on our company retreat to Hokkaido, Japan from July 5-16 (approximate dates).

I am interested in this. :point_up: :eyes:

Really cool benefits for all of those jobs.