Wanikani on PC or mobile?

I’m on my laptop 90% of the time, or will very occasionally access via chrome on my phone if I’m bored and not near my laptop, might look into flaming durtles though :slight_smile:

Flaming Durtles has incorporated several scripts that are most useful, including Ultimate Timeline (albeit only 24 hours) and Self-Study. Of course it cannot include all scripts, but those are the most useful, I think.

I do lessons exclusively on PC, but when doing reviews I’ll just use whatever device I have nearby. When I’m at home I use PC, and when not at home I use Flaming Durtles.

as soon as I started WK, I was using only flamming durtles for lessons and reviews.

But since level 15 I prefer now to use the laptop for lessons, because it is not crammed all the wall of text mnemonics in the small screen.

for reviews during the day at work, I use anki mode in flamming durtles.

I recommend “jakeipu”. Way better then flaming durtles. It even looks more similar to wk ^^

Flaming Durtles in Anki Mode exclusively. There are no scripts that I need that are not already incorporated in the app. Anki Mode renders the “speed” point others have been mentioning moot.

PC but I use my phone when I realize I haven’t done anything that day and I need to do some more Japanese.

is it possible to use jitai script with flaming durtles, also reviews in vertical mode?

that would be awesome, that’s why I prefer doing reviews on laptop.

Jitai, yes. Vertical, no.

I prefer Jakeipuu too. It’s a cleaner design and has a bunch of customization options. Flaming Durtles may have more, I’m not certain. But I don’t find myself missing any of those options while using Jakeipuu.