Any tips for someone only using wanikani on their phone?

Hi so I’m on level 5 now and I’ve been doing lessons and reviews soley on my phone (android) using chrome, and switching to the Google Japanese keyboard and it’s been occasionally quite frustrating because I have too often made typos for words I definitely knew. As far as I know you can’t use scripts when using chrome on phone, is this correct? So can anyone share any helpful advice for someone who doesn’t use wanikani on a computer


Since you are on android, you can get some improvements to your experience by installing one of the third-party mobile apps. Most people seem to like Flaming Durtles. It includes the ability to undo typos when answering.

EDIT: it seems there’s also a way to install third-party scripts on android, but for firefox:


Why are you switching keyboards, anyway? Does the browser not convert your input to hiragana?
But yeah, I’d also recommend looking into getting a third party app. :slight_smile:


The japanese keyboard I find is simpler to use than the on site key board, also I use it when chatting to my friend on LINE so I prefer to use it if I’m going to be typing in Japanese its faster but can cause quite a lot more typos

I use Tsurukame, which allows cheating to ignore typos (or obviously ok synonyms). Don’t get sucked into abusing it obviously. Tsurukame also gives statistics and some shuffling capability (e.g. always prioritize current level, or radicals over kanji over vocab) if you enable it. Be careful there too; you don’t want to always prioritize current level kanji, for example, if that results in a huge backlog of vocab because you are advancing too fast.

Tsurukame isn’t available for Android


You don’t actually have to use any Japanese keyboard. When you have to input a “meaning” and you type in romaji, the letters will automatically be converted to hiragana.

That said, I also use the app mostly on my phone and have had the same problem with typos, particularly because the keys are so small and close together. The only way around it for me is to just … go slower, and double check my input before hitting the enter button. I guess it’s a good habit anyway, but it’s challenging when you’re on a roll and knocking out a bunch of correct answers in quick succession and then all of a sudden your fingers accidentally hit ちょき instead of ちょく and then that enter button, i jgsgjeitiigdgkara I KNOW that spelling, but the i and o are too close together on this darn keyboard grr

Vocab isn’t an issue for me cause I can generally speak Japanese quite well, it’s just that I am quite literally illiterate and don’t know which kanjis belong to which word

This x100. Even better than the real thing.
Also, just type with your normal keyboard when it’s a reading. The site or app will automatically turn the hi that you type into ひ.

i do use vanilla wanikani input but
i also use Gboard and it has a button to switch jap to en. Easy peasy.

You can use scripts with firefox on android (I think flaming durtles is better tho) !

Another thing that you can do with android is the japanese handwriting mode, it takes a bit to get used to, but it’s helpful for searching kanji that you don’t know. Not exactly helpful for wanikani but its pretty cool.

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