WaniKani on Android


Hi everyone,

So I use my phone for most of my WK study.
Getting to hear the audio as I review is something that helps a lot.
I noticed that in both of the android apps for WK, the audio for vocab doesnt play at all during reviews.<br>You get to listen to the audio during lessons, but as far as Ive experienced, thats it.<br><br>Is this an issue that only Im having with WK on Android?



I’ve encountered the same thing. Thought maybe I was missing something in the Android app that would enable me to hear the sounds.


I don’t think you are supposed to hear the audio when you review because it gives out the reading, which you should enter yourself.  Or I don’t understand something?

You can click on a ? button after you reviewed it to see the whole entry and you can listen from there. Otherwise, I think it kind of defies the purpose of reviews…


I think he’s talking about the audio not playing after successfully entering the Japanese reading for a review item.


Thanks Simurgh, that’s what I mean.


I have noticed that mine sometimes play if i wait for a little while, but most of the time it does not play at all unless i press the buttom for it. Sometimes not even in the lessons it play.


I dont think it to be a configuration problem, more like an issue with the system itself not being completely synchronized with wanikani.
After all wk is supposed to be used with a PC system, not Android. So i guess that is an issue to be “expected”.


In my experience it plays at a real delay. It usually plays while I’m mid-typing the answer to the next card.
It’s quite possible you could input the right reading for an item and skip two ahead and perhaps miss it.
Maybe try delay between answers to see if it’s just lagging in this way, or outright not playing.
Does it play when you force it too by hitting the play button afterwards?


I use the Chrome browser (for android), and it plays fine if I touch the button.


If we are talking about the wanikani mobile app, I notice in the lesson/explanation area that I have to sometimes tap in small areas on and around the speaker icon. That suggests a targeting issue in hitting it. If you mean during reviews, after you enter and get a right or wrong answer result, you can hit the far right button below entry box to play the sound, but not before answering. Would kind of defeat the purpose of recall otherwise.