Is this script possible? Audio pronunciation played on correct answer

Hi there,

Maybe this exists already, maybe not, probably it’s impossible to access the audio files like this. I see that the audio button is missing on the reviews, which I would be clicking if I could find it, and this is why I suspect the audio files are inaccessible.

What I’d like is a script that plays the audio pronunciation when I answer a review correctly, in order to cement the sounds in my brain and learn the accent. The last thing I want is to invent my own bad habits!

Please let me know if such a script exists! I have scanned the stickied list and found nothing, so I thought I would just ask.


I believe this is an existing feature of vanilla wanikani. Check out the settings menu!

Odd, I can see the audio button on  reviews (or I think I did see it, it’s just greyed out at first?). I don’t use the voice stuff myself, but doesn’t “autoplay audio in reviews” do this? It’s in the Menu >  Settings option. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you need.

I can confirm this is built-in to [EDIT: wanikani, not wikipedia] because I use it and it’s a great feature.  :)


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There is an audio button in the review section. It doesn’t autoplay if you don’t explicitly ask for it, though. You can play it in vocab reviews when the answer is the reading of the word. If you can’t see it, disable userscripts or browser extensions and try again.

Aikibujin said... Wikipedia?
Oh wow.  Sorry.  No idea how that came out.  :S

Haha, I did not even know there was a vanilla settings menu! Thanks everyone, I found it. :slight_smile: