Why don’t my reviews mute anymore?

I used to do reviews on my phone while listening to music, but now every time there is audio, it shuts my music down! Usually if I turned the music back on WK would get it and automatically mute itself. I enjoyed that feature, why is it gone :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you use an unofficial app or do you do reviews on the website using a browser?

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When doing reviews on my phone’s browser, it used to never play the audio. That does seem to have changed for me, too. In the train, my phone suddenly started calling out kanji. D:<

I specifically remember thinking to myself in the past that it’s convenient how the audio doesn’t auto-play, since I don’t always have my media volume lowered when I’m out.

Far more frustrating if it messes with the music you’re trying to play in the background. :sweat_smile:

Psst, check discord. Tomorrow good for you?

Sounds like maybe they did change something by accident then.

Browser yes.

I don’t think my phone has ever muted the auto-playing audio, regardless of whether I had other music playing or not. But that might be an app/phone specific thing?

There are settings for enabling/disabling autoplaying audio for either lessons or reviews at https://www.wanikani.com/settings/. But those settings are global and affect all sessions.

Personally, I wish there were an option to quickly toggle auto-playing audio right in the reviews interface. I prefer to leave it on by default, because I find it generally beneficial, but there are situations where it would be nice to quickly mute it without permanently changing my account settings (like, say, when I’m riding alongside my wife in her car, and I have to explain why the music that was streaming from my phone stopped, and why “金玉!” just blasted through the car speakers, and what 金玉 are anyway, and why would I ever need to learn how to say that, and why am I so weird? Etc…)


(Hahaha lol!)

Yeah so for me, it would mute if I turned the music back on after it cut out the first time, not instantly.

But a button like you describe would be perfect, especially for mobile where muting is like 5 clicks deep into the menu.

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