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I like wanikani so far, it helped me pass N4 and I’m sure it will help me with my N3 studies.

However, since I started immersing myself more in Japanese content (to be more specific - listening), I realised that I sometimes hear a word and have trouble remembering what it means, but when I see it, it immediately clicks because I remember learning it on wanikani.

I thought a solution to this would be to have to do reviews with audio on wanikani. Meaning: you get an audio file, you listen to it and either write the word in hiragana, or its meaning.
With accessibility in mind… maybe a toggle button in the profile section for people who do not want/cannot use the audio reviews feature?

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The Self-Study script has this functionality. :slight_smile:

(It’s either in the vanilla Self-Study, or it’s part of the Self-Study Additional Filters, which give you even more options. I always forget what the vanilla Self-Study has since I have the extra filters installed as well).

Not saying you shouldn’t leave WK feedback for feature requests, but if they ever choose to implement it, it would likely be a very long time from now.


That’s good to know, thank you.
The bad part about it is that I do my reviews on mobile 99% of the time…
I realise it’s a big request, maybe if anyone else finds it useful, they’ll implement it someday.

If you use an Android phone, you can follow this guide on how to install user scripts in the same way you would on PC.

Not all scripts work, but if it’s important to you, you can always try and see if Self-Study does. ^^

I don’t know if iOS has any extensions like ViolentMonkey that would allow for the same thing on iPhone. But if someone else knows anything about that, they’ll chime in, I’m sure.


I use WK in Firefox on Android with tampermonkey and user scripts. Works just like on desktop browser.

Ah, I didn’t know they now also offer TamperMonkey. ^^ On phone, I use ViolentMonkey as the Firefox extension/add-on/plug-in (whatever the word is).

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Indeed this is a good temporary solution. Still hope WK will implement something like this.

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