WaniKani not listing synonyms that are used in examples

Title says it all.

I am only on level 8 but I have noticed this several times already. In the example sentences, Wanikani will be using a synonym for an item but that synonym is not listed as one of the accepted answers. I have been manually adding these synonyms as I notice them, but why wouldn’t these already be listed as acceptable synonyms to start with?

Here is an example of what I am talking about, where all of the example sentences here use “conflict”:


Because conflict is not a synonym. Translations are rarely 1 to 1, unless it’s straight up nouns. The word conflict is most likely used because it makes the most sense in that sentence. Words are used differently and have different nuances.

According to Jisho the direct translation is:

confrontation; opposition; antagonism​


Honestly I think of translations as close approximations to the meaning and are (usually) not what the word actually means.


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