Additonal meanings that need to be added

Some words whose meanings we know, but Wanikani gives it as wrong, simply because it is a letter or 2. I think, some words can be accepted.

I will start:
~近: Bread loaf counter or counter for bread loaves
It gives wrong when I type “bread loaves counter”!

There might be more, I don’t remember. Maybe others can write it down here and we can make a list for update

just add them to user synonyms lol


Wait, you can do that? And Wanikani accepts them?


yup lol


That’s simply because WK can’t provided every permutation of every single English translation that is possible. Plus, they aren’t trying to be an exhaustive dictionary so they usually try to stick to main meanings and only a couple of permutations when it comes to meanings that could be worded multiple ways.

Yes. Look up the item, and on the item page you will see a button that says 'ADD SYNONYM:


From there you can add all the synonyms you want.


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