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Yo. I have been on WaniKani for just over a year now and am fairly confident regarding reading kanji and recognising vocabulary- up to my current level at least and I now think it is time that I start learning to write the kanji by hand.
However, I am torn to whether simply learn how to write the characters ( I will be using Anki for SRS and the Kanji Learners Course order) or to integrate the learning with vocabulary somehow- although I am not sure how I would do that…
So yer, よろしくお願いしますand all that.


If you install Japanese IME with handwriting recognition e.g. on your mobile device, you can do the reviews at KaniWani by drawing your kanji with stylus or finger.

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I never thought of this. Hopefully, I will remember when I have a bit more time.

Thats true. However, that doesn’t actually show the stroke order and teach you how to write it. For example, a simple kanji like ‘Colour’ 色I can recognise and can type instantly. However, coming to write it, I have no idea where to start.
The KaniWani thing may help along the road but I don’t think it is right for me just yet. :confused:

Thank you, though. :smiley:

I’ve been using Skritter for learning the stroke order and writing. First I used it for simplified hanzi and now for kanji.

It’s pretty good, SRS, lists based on JLTP, textbooks, etc. Only it’s a paid app.

There are also WK userscripts to show the stroke order, you can start writing during lessons already.

I use this one, works quite well:

There is also a new one:

The Yomichan extension for Chrome can also show the stroke order.


There are only a few rules of stroke order that you have to learn, and once you master those, you can basically write all kanji.


Just to add to what everyone has been saying, the wanikani mobile app actually has a stroke order flashcard section for all the wanikani kanji organized by level.

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Tofugu has a post about Kanji stroke order. It might be a good place to start!

@Leebo also did a post on the Iversen Method to learn kanji, which involves writing practice:


I used to use Kanji LS (for ios and android) for practising writing. I’d like to say i use it for practising writing, but I got lazy and mostly used it for pre-practising the next levels kanji before level up.

It’s a payed app, but it’s not too expensive and you only pay once. I also made custom kanji-sets with custom kanji-meanings to fit with wanikani’s levels and wanikani’s kanji-meanings.

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I’m using Kanji Study, it’s an app for android, not entirely sure if theres a iOS version as I do not have any apple devices. Works great for me, and looks to be somewhat similar to what tessberg mentioned above me. It sorts stuff by JLPT level which is nice but kinda annoying with wanikani as it doesn’t teach you stuff in that order. Other than that it’s pretty customizeable from what I can tell so far. Ideally would be nice to have a website or app that functions alongside WK and gives you new kanji as you unlock on WK.

Kanji Study:


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