Wanikani Frequently Freezes Up

Hello all,

I have a problem where the Wanikani website and the unofficial Wanikani Android app will frequently freeze up during reviews. It doesn’t do this every time but it seems like sometimes it’ll do it every other word. When it does it’ll just freeze for like 5-10 seconds and then continue but sometimes it’ll stop for so long that Chrome asks if I want to stop the script.

I use Chrome as a browser but it’s happened on different computers and, like I said before, it’s happened on the app.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

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I can’t say I have, but what device are you using?

Are you running scripts? I’ve had scripts installed in the past that slowed down the page terribly to the point I had to remove them.

it happened to me just now but not as bad, it maybe would regularly pause for 5 seconds before accepting or rejecting my answer, but it went away after I restarted chrome ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The page freezes when I turn on the pitch-accent script.

@Helix I have a Galaxy S6
@Borx I do have a few scripts running, I guess that would probably be it. But for the most part it runs okay just somedays it seems to always be freezing up. And the app freezes as well without scripts.

Before the devs can help you would have to confirm it occurs without any scripts running.
Maybe do your reviews in incognito/private browsing for a bit and see if everything works as expected - or turn off scripts one by one.

If chrome is asking if you want to stop a script - which script?

The reviews haven’t ever frozen up for me.

The apps usually have a number of userscripts built right into them.

Yes it happens quite frequently to me. Sometimes regardless of what I do it will not move and mark off the final item in a lesson or a review and either go to quiz or finish up with the percentage score.

The only way I can resolve it is to quit the problem and restart. I can’t go backwards, either.

Doesn’t really bother me at this point. Happens on my iPad and desktop Mac as well. \

Actually, I have issues on my iPad that are pretty bizarre. I’m collecting iPhone pics of the screens. Do you know where I should share them? Some seem pretty interesting but I know ゼロ about scripts.

I still can’t figure out why I can’t enter chゆうこ and get it to appear as 中古!


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If you mean during reviews, that’s because the WK built-in IME is set up differently - meant to only display hiragana and katakana (while holding the shift key or when caps lock is on only). Because if it turned into the kanji, you’d know you were right or wrong before hitting enter.

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I’m getting extremely frustrated with wanikani freezing during reviews. If I get a review wrong and I want to see what the answer is, more times than not I have to sit there for 5, 10 sometimes even 30 secs to a minute for the answer to finally reveal itself.

Same experience here – using open framework, override, and real numbers (just to make it act like a useful site), it freezes on review – permanently. I sent feedback but I can already tell I probably won’t be using thise site, primarily because those facilities should inherently exist, IMO.

I personally would hate it if they included override by default, so I’m glad it’s just an option that people can easily install as a script if they want it.

I hope you/they manage to work out the freezing issue - I’ve never had that myself so can’t help, sorry.

It’s pretty popular, and has it’s uses (unless you never typo), so I’d say it should be available, not neccessarily by default. My issue is I’m using a very popular script (or popular feature that’s not implemented), and the site freezes up on me over it. So I will move on to look for another resource.

I think that’s a fair point, but I get the impression their pedagogical standpoint is that being able to wriggle out of wrong answers is not conducive to learning, so they’d rather people deal with occasionally messing up from typos than provide the option themselves.

They deliberately make it very easy to create scripts for WK, so for people who do want it and/or disagree with that standpoint the option is there, just not endorsed. It does mean they can’t help it if the scripts you install mess up the WK experience though.

Anyway, it sounds like WK isn’t what you’re looking for, so I hope you manage to find something that works well for you :blush:

I disagree with their standpoint if that’s what it is, because it’s web-based, and thus already susceptible to typos. The fact that they open themselves to scripts means (to me) that they are in fact flexible with these things, but don’t want to support them, which is fine. If you look at the scripts they allow, I see it as shortcomings they should implement as options (not all of them, of course). Since we’re paying real money here, others would see it another way, I understand.

Thanks for your feedback, though, and have a great day :slight_smile:

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I should add that this particular feature is a show-stopper to me insofar as whether I would be willing to pay for this site’s services. That it has to be an add-on, and thus not supported, is what turns me off here. Anyway, apparently I should move on. :confused:

I personally have found WK to be absolutely amazing at doing what it sets out to do, so something like that definitely wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me. But if it is for you then I do think you’ll need to look elsewhere (not that we don’t want you to stay!) because I really can’t see it being something that gets added any time soon, if ever.

I mean, really I’d suggest completing the free levels to see how you find it before deciding, because it only takes a couple of weeks and it’s free, so you haven’t exactly got much to lose. You sound pretty certain about it though.

Also, you could try posting in the thread for the override script? It should either be a known bug or is something they ought to hear about. I know you want it to be officially supported but it might fix the issue if you want to try the free levels with that script.

I don’t think this is entirely accurate. WaniKani’s API is amazing and makes it easy to write many types of scripts. But scripts like the ignore script are not (and can’t be) built using the API. These scripts by their nature and harder to create, harder to maintain, and break more often.

In my mind, the ability to mark an item as correct or incorrect is essential to an SRS program like this. People make typos. And more importantly, sometimes people get an item “correct” by accident and should be able to mark the item as wrong. This is especially important for burn reviews. It’s the responsibility of individual users to not abuse this type of functionality, and I don’t think WaniKani should try to “protect” its users by not including it.

Ah, that’s true, I wasn’t distinguishing between these different types of scripts. However, they are still very supportive of people making and using scripts, which cannot be said of a lot of things.

Hmm, I simply disagree. I think getting things correct when you shouldn’t is a problem, but is a separate issue from getting things wrong when you shouldn’t (and I believe the override script doesn’t cover the former?). Of course people make typos, but I think human nature means that many people will struggle to use such a feature responsibly (and override abuse seems to be a common cause of burnout, which they really don’t want). I just don’t think the penalty of getting an item wrong is so bad.

I’d also say that that’s kind of WK’s thing. They control your learning “for your own good”, as it were - like how they stop you unlocking new content whenever you like it with the levelling system.