Page freezes in mid review

Don’t think it’s the internet issue. I use Safari. And for last couple weeks usually in every review session the page just freezes on me after I answered the question. Just now it crashed my browser completely and I can’t close the WaniKani tab so I have to create new to continue the review.
Does anyone else experiencing this?

I just finished my reviews, and everything was normal for me.

A few things you might want to try: (sorry if this is obvious and you tried them already…)

  • Disable all scripts, if you use any (and if this fixes it, enable them one by one until you find the culprit)
  • Restart your browser
  • Use a different browser
  • Open the browser console and check for any (red) error messages you may see there
  • Reboot your computer?

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safari on… iphone? ipad? osx? windows?

does safari have an inspector or javascript logger like other browsers so that you might possibly be able to see an error message? that or an addon is interfering (if safari supports addons)

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Have not been having issues with Safari on a MacBook Pro. It sounds like you should look at browser extensions and any security software you’re running, as well as making sure Safari is up to date (14.1.1).


It is up to date. Will try to switch the extensions off.

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That didn’t help unfortunately. Will try look for errors

Safari on Windows has not existed for 9 years.

Could be memory issue. Try it with fewer tabs. Otherwise can you update macOS to latest version? Otherwise yeah how is it with other browsers?

I’ve been having a few glitches with it pausing or being slow. I’ve also noticed some glitches with kitsun. But nothing outside of the srs programmes!